27 August 2011

Diesel Loverdose

Diesel Loverdose the new fragrance by Diesel

A beautiful but deadly weapon of seduction

Ignite passion like never before....

This fragrance was created to be fatal attraction in a bottle. Firstly might I say that this perfume bottle has got to be one if the prettiest I have seen. The heart shaped bottle has been designed to look like its been pierced by a dagger. Its one of those bottles that you just have to have on show.

Onto the smell.... The first time I sprayed this I wasn't to sure about the scent, so I took to twitter and expressed my sadness. I felt it smelt like aniseed sweets.... but then Sammi (beauty crush) tweeted me to let me know that, that aniseed smell goes away and turns into vanilla bliss. Once the scent had settled on my skin, it did just that and now I cant get enough.

I cant promise your get your parking tickets ripped up like the girl in the advert, but if you love your vanilla infusions then you will love this and errrm so will he...

Available nationwide
30ml EDP £35.00
50ML EDP £47.50
75ML EDP £58.00
200ML Body Lotion £22.00



  1. I heard about this might try it out.

  2. I love the design of the bottle :) I dont think id like it though as i really can't stand aniseed!!! even if the smell is temporary!

  3. I wanted to try this because I love the bottle, I spritzed it in boots and thought it was just too sweet but might try it again and wait for the dry down, excellent review!

  4. This sounds amazing, I love the bottle too! Might have to try this out! :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. The bottle really is very pretty, and I love vanilla!

  6. Smelt this yesterday, and I have to say its not for me. It's a very in your face fragrance and im more of a fan of florals

  7. I always wear vanilla scents! Love them.. Trip to Boots is needed me thinks (:

  8. I have heard of this and I am dying to try and smell it! aha!

  9. Amazing bottle! Thanks for blogging about this i’m going to test it asap!<3

  10. I just think the bottle is soo beautiful :) not even smelt it but I want it.

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