15 May 2011

Desperately Seeking Owain...

The stuff leather dreams are made of, this needs to be mine. Iv been loving this jacket for months now and its only the last couple of days where I thought "screw it, I'm placing an order" especially when my friend informed me she could get 25% off whoop whoop

£195 from All Saints, I headed over to the site to discover there were only a couple of sizes left. But to my horror when I refreshed the page my eyes were assaulted by the following message.... This item is sold out! At this very moment in time I'm not a happy bunny : (, But after searching the web trusty EBay has come to the rescue, thing is I'm not too keen on the prices these sellers are trying to sling these jackets for. I mean £285 hmmmm, I can only hope All Saints bring this baby back into store.

So if any of you see this about or notice its come back into stock, or even know of any jackets that are of close resemblance, please let me know.

Owain- you will be mine *crosses fingers*


  1. I will definitely keep an eye out for this jacket in my local All Saints store. What size would you like it in? xo

  2. that is sooo nice I dont have a local all saints or i'd have kept my eye out for you :) xx

  3. i want this in my life, shame about the price tag
    suppose you could attempt a DIY with a good leather jacket!

  4. It is so nice. And also you are looking so beautiful in it...

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