14 March 2011

Why you should ALWAYS wear nice underwear

Ive always been a believer of wearing your best undies as you never know when you may be hit by a bus, or because something random is bound to happen on that one day you decide to slip....

Take this for example...

An event that took place last week Friday outside Liverpool's River Island store for charity Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

Over 150 locals were willing to drop their old jeans or trousers in the street and walked away wearing a fantastic, brand new pair of River Island jeans, organised to celebrate River Island’s Denim Week 11- 20th March.
The catch.... You had to drop your jeans on the spot, no hiding away lol 

Those who took part in the swap were encouraged to donate their old jeans to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, and over 112 items were collected for the charity on the day. River Island are also giving us a lovely 25% off their denim range in celebration of their Denim Week which runs till 20th March.

You can donate to fashion targets breast cancer here

Moral of the story, always wear good undies as you never how random your day may be....


  1. Hahaha thats so funny! I well would have got mine off LOL.

  2. HAHAHA! omg xD That's so cute!
    Honestly.. I have the worst luck ever.. so if I know myself right, IF I ever wear my best undies every day, fate shall find some tricky way to RUIN my favorite underwear.. Like make me fall into a bonfire or something. >_>" I just know it..

  3. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    I'd rather go in and buy a pair to give them to charity than strip off in the street.

    Sobs at the thought of my grey knickers on show!!!

    Side note-they are meant to be grey, honest.

    *blush, honest

  4. Woah. Thanks for the tip! This post has definitely motivated me to always wear nice undies.. :O

  5. Ha thats really funny! OMG I believe this as well just in case something might happen. My friends think I'm weird but you'll never know! xx

  6. I totally didn't just pause the video to ogle the bloke with the buff body and yellow boxers.

    *goes back and rewinds*

  7. Lol this is brill! Deffo need to always be prepared....I need to go underwear shopping badly! Haha! ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  8. haha I could never do that! Can't believe people were stood there taking pictures too! haha xxx

  9. omg. I want to live there.

  10. Lol, I would NEVER wear that, Even if I was wearing Undies made of GOLD hah x

  11. That was funny! Definetly an inventive way to make people aware of a cause though. <<check out my giveaway


  12. Haha well, I guess that's one way to make people pay attention!

    I love your blog and I'd be honored if you took a look at mine!

  13. Hey,

    I tagged you in the Kreativ Blog awards. I love your blog sooo much.


  14. OMG!
    What people won't do for attention..
    Still kinda funny though, hahah!

    Visit my blog: (and maybe follow)

    XOXO Peggy

  15. very beautiful nails. Please visit my blog if u have a time and link exchange + follow back if u wanted.. tks


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