7 March 2011

7 days 7 posts 7 guest- Day 7

Hey Dolls x
Il Just start off By saying Thank you To Michelle For Letting Me Guest Post today and Introducing Myself... I Blog By the Name Of PinkSweetSz J I don’t know why I chose that Name But hey, its different!
So anyway... I thought Id start off a Tag Today, But behold Its a bit of a weird One Lol! Iv Decided to call it “BedTime Stories”, I Bet your thinking What!! Lol Well Let me Just explain....
You Have to Do an OOTN...
But Not Just any OOTN... A Special One..
One Of Your PJ’z!! Yess you heard it right! I want everyone on the Blogosphere to be Rocking their PJ’z! Hehe, So heres a peak at mine J

And Now Onto the Questions....
Do you have a Bedtime?
Now I know a lot of people don’t like to admit it Lol, But I do! Haha... Not from my parents... But My eyes Just automatically start to close when it gets near to 11!! I can’t stay awake Long past that! Lol...
Do you go to sleep with make up on?
Lol, I am so Bad, whenever I come home late, Or when Im just really tired I go to sleep with my make Up on! Lol (A lot of the time) I just cant be bothered to go through the effort of taking it off Hehe.. naughty me!
Do you have a NightTime Skincare routine?
The days I do bother to take my make Up off.. I just remove my make Up with a make up wipe and then splodge Vaseline Moisture Locking cream all over my face.. Exfoliating and all that malarkey occurs in the morning!!
Is there something You always have to do every Night before you go to sleep..Like a ritual or something :P?
I cant go to sleep Unless The Special someone calls me to say goodnight!! :$
Do you sleep with something.. (A bear/Blankey) ?
Ok.. So mine is a little weird Lol, I don’t sleep with the regular teddies and whatnot.. I cant sleep unless I have two Pillows.. One under my head, and One on the side of Me Lol, because I tend to turn somehow in my sleep and My head ends Up on the other pillow haha
Do you eat drink anything every night before you sleep?
I would Like to say I go to sleep after I eat fruit. But That would be an utter Lie!! I am unhealthy like none other!! I don’t really drink anything either, Although I should really drink milk as Im a Short S#%T !! Lol..
Hope you all do this tag! And make sure you post it to me So I can see all the Cute jammies!!
Oh And Michelle, Your tagged :P x

Beauty and the Blog says.... LOOOOL darn : ), you can check out more of PinkSweetsz antics over HERE


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