26 February 2011

"A lack of pancakes, but an abundance of colourful nails"‏

Hey Ladies, im sorry ive been MIA for nearly 2 weeks *slaps wrist* Iv been ill and working, But fear not, my friend Emma has compiled a post to keep you satisfied for a few days whilst I sort myself out. Show her some love and make her feel welcome, Hope you enjoy.....

Morning all!

And I mean “morning”. It’s a rainy Saturday and Cat woke me up at 0800 by jumping onto my bed, lying on my hair and meow-crying until I tickled him in that spot under his chin, right at the back towards his left jaw line. If you have a cat, you know it.

I’m in bed, I’m hungover, I can’t find a decent internet-stream of the Grey’s Anatomy episode I want to watch and there’s no one here to make me pancakes. American-style pancakes.

What will make me feel less gloomy? Painting my nails. And so many wonderful, wonderful colours to choose from...!

Current favourites:

• Chanel “Black Pearl” (Boots - £18)

This colour is divine; I’m in love with it! The magazines have been raving about it and I want a Porsche in this colour. When people say, “Hey! Cool colour car; what is it?” I can say, “Chanel Black Pearl,” and look totally smug about it.

(I bet I won’t look so smug when they go and scratch it when I’m not looking, muttering, “we’ll show that smug fool...!”)

There’s also a white version you could use to French mani your Black Pearl nails with, but I’m feeling low maintenance nails lately.

The colour is slightly too teal-based to be genuinely like a black pearl, but it’s still fantastic. The best description I read about this colour is “dark cosmic green”, which is pretty much exactly what it is.

Suck it up and buy it. There are no close dupes out there. You’ll regret it otherwise. Go on. We might not be able to afford paint a whole car with it, but we can certainly have nice nails while we’re driving around London in our Volkswagons and Fords!!
• Chanel “Vendetta” (Boots - £18)

A dark purple colour, which looks black unless there’s a lot of light hitting it. As with many Chanel polishes it’s a pain to remove and not worth the money. There are better substitutes out there and things far more deserving of your eighteen quid!

• YSL’s Cornflower Blue / Mushroom Spring “Manicure Couture Duo” Set (Selfridges - £20 for both)

I already feel out of date with this since the A/W collections are strutting down various runways as we speak, but this spring set was too delightful not to mention.

Again, the two colours were intended to be used as a French manicure set, which I tried once but didn’t overly enjoy. While both colours look great, the navy – ohhh the navy! I got through half this bottle in a month I loved it that much.

Downside? £20 for 12ml of polish is pretty painful.

• Seche Vite’s Top Coat (Ebay - £4.99)

I know everyone has been going on about this since forever, but I only just bought it. It’s incredible. It makes your nail varnish touch-dry super fast and it doesn’t chip. I’m a programmer; I type on a keyboard from 8am until 6pm every day and my nails still.don’t.chip. That’s amazing, trust me.

• American Apparel Polishes (New York – 3 for £6)

California Trooper (left), Raccoon (right), my friend stole the third. I can’t say that I’m overly bothered about it (In fact, I might just give her the other 2..).

After I used up my 2 Mac polishes from the “Warm & Cosy” collection I’ve been looking for dupes, and while in NYC I stumbled across these colours. I love American Apparel clothes so I was more than willing to give their polishes a go.

The consistency is variable. While the lighter California Trooper’s is fantastic, Raccoon’s is gloopy and difficult to apply. When applied they’re pretty quick to dry and the colours and true to how they are in the bottle with a single coat. They chip quickly and I wouldn’t pay what they’re asking for in this country.
So I might not have fluffy, doughy pancakes with little chocolate chips and maple syrup. I might have Cat’s fur in my hair. I might have to spend money on the Grey’s Anatomy box set. But my nails are cosmic and everything feels a little bit better.


  1. Wow, Your a great Writer! I read every word, Whereas on Lots of blogs i Dont!!
    Please link Emma's Blog below, and If you dont have one Emma, Make one!! Your really good x

  2. This is a fabulous post!! Very well written and entertaining!
    I especially loved your review of Black Pearl! It's the color I've been wearing pretty much since it was released!
    I look forward to more posts from you, or your blog, if you have one?

    Andrée xx

  3. Your so funny! :)
    Your a really charismatic writer
    Love it :)
    Your newest follower
    Izzy x

  4. I need some new nail colours in my life!

  5. lovely post, i'm a new follower :) really want the chanel polish. xo.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments ^__^
    My blog is:
    It's not a cosmetics-based blog, but there you go!x


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