27 February 2011

7 guests 7 posts 7 days

Hey ladies, as you all know (If you follow me on twitter) im sick at the moment. My voice is 80% gone and if I was talking to you over the phone I would probably sound like an old man that smokes 40 a day -_-. Yesturday was the first time I opened my laptop since my natural nail post (awful I know) everything in my life (apart from my child lol) has been getting a bit neglected. So I came up with a solution.

Every month I will invite 7 people to come and write a guest post. These 7 posts will then be spread out over 7 days. As well as giving me a break for a week I also get the chance to spread some blogging love and hopefully introduce you to some bloggers you may not have come across as of yet.
This week you shall be wooed by the words of

I hope you enjoy their posts and be sure to make them feel welcome. Oooh and if you want to be one of next months 7 quests, be on the look out for my tweet.x

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