30 October 2010

Bargain Brush And My New Love

I have been wanting face and body for some time now,a light coverage is all I ever yurn for. I was going to go down the Revlon colour stay route until I tested it out and remembered why I put a stop to that in the first place. Ummm hello breakout! That will not do for me Revlon.

So after a spot of bridal shopping (for the bestie) I hopped footed it to selfridges and had myself colour matched. I am indeed a MAC virgin so I will take great pleasure in telling the world im a C4 (wateva that means lol)

Immediately I loved the natural dewy look,it was perfect for me.

Whilst it was being applied I couldnt help but eye up the minuscule brush the guy was using. Until I heard it was more than £20!!! I mean lets be real,this brush was about the same size as my middle finger.

Im no fool, I headed to superdrug to pick up the dupe for £6.99. Thats it up top by the way. Did I fool any mac lovers?

Heres what it says about the brush.

For me personally, if it looks the same and feels the same its probably going to do the same thing, whether or not it has a funky number on the handle.

Bargain I'd say!

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