30 October 2010

Bargain Brush And My New Love

I have been wanting face and body for some time now,a light coverage is all I ever yurn for. I was going to go down the Revlon colour stay route until I tested it out and remembered why I put a stop to that in the first place. Ummm hello breakout! That will not do for me Revlon.

So after a spot of bridal shopping (for the bestie) I hopped footed it to selfridges and had myself colour matched. I am indeed a MAC virgin so I will take great pleasure in telling the world im a C4 (wateva that means lol)

Immediately I loved the natural dewy look,it was perfect for me.

Whilst it was being applied I couldnt help but eye up the minuscule brush the guy was using. Until I heard it was more than £20!!! I mean lets be real,this brush was about the same size as my middle finger.

Im no fool, I headed to superdrug to pick up the dupe for £6.99. Thats it up top by the way. Did I fool any mac lovers?

Heres what it says about the brush.

For me personally, if it looks the same and feels the same its probably going to do the same thing, whether or not it has a funky number on the handle.

Bargain I'd say!

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28 October 2010

New Huurrrr!!!

I tend to get real bored of my hair,but one things certain, when winter hits I go back to my natural colour.

The other day this dropped through my door,via a first come first serve thing on John Friedas facebook page.

Now my natural hair is really dark,and usually when I go for a chocolate brown hair colour,I end up near enough black.

Not with this colour....

I went for medium chocolate brown from the new precision foam colour range.It was easy to apply without any drips. Im not going to lie,it was actually the first time I coloured my hair without the usual old hair dye towel round my neck.

The colour wasn't as dark as I thought,and with the flash on it shockingly matches the colour on the box.

Obviously in real life I dont walk around with a bright light shining on my head, but in natural daylight its so deep and chocolatey.

Sorry if the above pic has come out teeny,I cant judge anything through my phone :-\

Im loving it. I also cut a fringe in but im slowly bringing it across day by day to get used to it lol. I feel a tad mushroom like....

Will any of you be going darker for winter? I always find it fitting
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25 October 2010

A Quick Word Of Advice

Blogging has changed so much since I started out. And I think we all get the jist of what im on about.So I will leave you with this....

Blog because you love it, not because you want followers and a so called "freebie" It ruins it for those who started a blog because they had a passion for something.

EDIT: Someone not so smart just tried to spam their blog link only beneath this post . I already did a post for people to freely post their links, and this is not it.Bless the poor girl, she must of felt a little shame when she realised I have comment moderation. I wont bother name and shame,because she will be getting exactly what she wants. Its just sad she couldnt take a little advice from this post and the comments below. Ooh wait, let me end this with a ;-) it seems she likes those.

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21 October 2010

St Tropez Fashion Week Kit

The people at St Tropez decided to create a kit to help us re-create some of their looks that pounded the catwalks at london fashion week.

The kit includes an instants glow body lotion, and an instant glow face lotion.Both of which wash off.

Insert white hand,and a swatch of the lotion.It looks a little gold because my camera lights on.

Below,insert lovely golden hand.Both products have a subtle but pleasent smell, they are not sticky and they are easy to blend, leaving behind a natural golden glow.

The kit also contains a mitt (which I forgot to photograph) but hey we all know what a tanning mit looks like. And the famous illuminator.This product is one of the nicest things I've seen in a long time. I have kept my camera light on just so you can see the colour a bit clearer.In reality once blended its much more subtle.

Its a highlight with a blue iridescent tone.

Above:I have swiped it heavily so you can see the colour.

Below:Fully blended.

I just think its gorgeous.You can tone it down by mixing it with a moisturiser, but I think its too nice for that.

What can I say,Im a sucker for things that make you glow.

The kit retails for £30 which is a bargain considering the illuminator alone retails for £15

This deal ends 22nd October (sorry im a bit late) but delivery is free whoopie!

Any other info you may need can be found HERE

Let me know your thoughts on the illuminator, are you loving it like me?

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17 October 2010

Metalic 'Two Tone' Nails

Hey chiccas, today I thought I would do a quick post on a polish that will give your nails the perfect multi tonal effect.

This is models own pearly queen

You may be able to see its pearly green and purple tones from the picture above.If you cant,when it is coupled with another colour,you definitely can.

I decided to pair it with dusky mauve,just because that was what was on my nails at the time.

One coat,and your done

The finished look,multitonal metalic nails.No matter which way you tilt your hand you see shots of purple,green and of course your chosen base colour.

To me,these are very galaxy esq....

What do you think? Do any of you favour a bit of multi tonal action on your nails?
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15 October 2010

Cloud 9 The'O'

Christmas came early for me,but times are still hard when I still have no computer and no photoshop,so please exuse the fact you will see my annoying phone in one of my images.This is due to the fact it hates me,and only seems to capture a half decent image when I turn it around and use a mirror! Rant over,lets move on...

My 'O' is here!
(Does running man to Usher OMG)
O my god! Its O mazin,umm ok Michelle,enough of the crappy jokes.

But all aside it is amazing.Im sure you have seen my previous post about this including all the ins and outs,or you may have stumbled across a post on another blog.

A lot of my pics include text so I wont waffle too much...

This is the famous pod,you pop the rollers in "beep beep beeep" and 4 seconds later your ready to roll.

There are various sizes of rollers available,as you can see in the above picture.Each pack contains 4 rollers.

I was going to leave it a while before doing a post,but realistically who the hell am I kidding.Im like a kid with a new toy!

A few roughly placed 30 and 40 mm rollers later....

Hello waves!!!

I wacked in the biggest rollers just to see what it would do.After my hair had cooled fully (10min) I took the rollers out and shook my head like those women do in the hair adverts.I like the results,its really me,soft waves and volume,what more could a girl want....

The'O' retails at £149.95 and the rollers are £15.95 to £18.95 per pack,all available from HERE

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14 October 2010

A Bit Of Aussie And Barry M

I've been on the hunt for a leave in conditioner for some time now.Last week a stumbled upon this one.

Aussie miracle hair insurance.Its got all type of oils in it to help protect your hair,and the smell is rather amazing,if I do say so myself.

Although it says to use this on towel dry hair,I personally like spritz my dry hair every night before I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning,im left with locks even disney would be proud of. Soft,shiney and smelling devine.

And for those days I cant be bothered to deal with my hair,I just spray some of this in.

Today I picked up the much talked about Barry M dusky mauve.I walked into my local superdrug,anf there was one left.Clearly it was meant to be.

Im really feeling this colour,especially the shot of purple you can see when you tilt your hand.

(Do exuse the cuticle oil lol)
I know my nail colour changes as frequently as the wind changes direction,I cant help it. I love nail polish and always will. Its one of my less expensive beauty addictions.

Both products are available a boots or superdrug
Barry m - £2.50
Aussie - under £4

Shop Aussie Here

Are any of you a lover of Aussie or Dusky mauve?
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12 October 2010

Barry M Indigo

You really need to visit a Barry M stand to see the true colour of this polish.Its one of the hardest colours I have ever tried to photograph.No matter what, it just kept photographing really blue, but I think I just about captured it.

This colour is deep purpley blue,and in the daylight it looks amazing.

2 coats and I was done,I must say,I actually love this colour.

What do you think?

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Bedcrumb designs for works with water

If you like the purse (Id call it a make up bag) above, then keep reading.

The people at works with water have teamed up with a young boutique fashion brand, which go by the name of Bedcrumb.

Heidi Cannon,the owner of Bedcrumb has designed this limited edition piece exclusively for works with water.

For those of you that may use help:clear skin, this is an added bonus,because from today this is a free gift with each sale of a months supply.

If you like cute qwirky designs,this is definitely for you.Its a really good quality bag for all your girlie bits.The material is thick and its also fully lined.

Check out for more info

And for girlie delights.I have already seen a few things I need from this site,one being the 'kissy lips' pocket mirror!

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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10 October 2010

Winter addiction

Im in trouble this winter,and this is why

No no,its not a blanket,its my new scarf,hand knitted by my friends mummy.

Its so nice,all I did was wrap it round my neck on the day she told me it was finished,and everyone in the room first gasped "omg where did you get it from" followed by "oh I want one"

Everyday im praying for a small blizzard to hit,so I can whip this baby out.

Its so warm,thick and cosy.No high street store scarf has got sh*t on this.

I also love the fact that nobody else will own anything remotely the same.

You cant even get the wool she used to knit this aymore.

I saw another scarf she had just finished knitting the other day,and if it was physically possible for someones jaw to hit the floor,mine would have.

Next time I go round I shall take pictures. Im going to be placing my next order fairly soon.This is the start of a very beautiful addiction.

So what do you think,do you like my scarf? and do you like owning things that others just cant pop down to the high street to buy?
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7 October 2010

Models Own-Beccas Brown

Hi everyone,yes another nail post,im hoping it wont bore you.

My nails needed re-doing so I thought id share.

Beccas brown is part of models owns new car key collection.

Immediately I thought it would be the same as Barry M's mushroom,but its more on the chocolatey side.

Top nail:Barry m
Bottom nail:models own

It was really hard to pick the difference up on camera,but its definitely there.

Im in love with Barry M mushroom,so of course im going to love this.

I think its very fitting for autumn.

You can pick this up from boots or check their site at (especially those not in the uk) as they do ship internationally.

What do you think,are you loving autumn browns like me?
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6 October 2010

Barry M Nail Effects

Today I went out with a list of things to buy,this being one of them

Barry M nail effects.I remember seeing something like this on the shopping channel years ago,for a rather ridiculous price.But at £3.95 you cant really go wrong.

My base colour is Models own grace green.

Barry M have definitely exceeded themselves with this little pot of genius.

You literally paint on one coat,then sit back and watch it,as it instantly transforms your nails.Oh,and it dries in seconds.

I wasnt planning on doing a post about this today,but when I took it out to have a play,I just couldnt resist.

Barry M is currently 2 for £5 in boots

Bare that in mind for when you see my next post.You will rush to boots after you see it.My friend noticed a new shade that is rather amazing.Of course I picked it up,it would have been rude not too.But im keeping it a secret until Friday ;-)

What do you guys think to the nail effects?

I will have a play around,to see what other effects I can come up with.
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3 October 2010

Eyeko - Mayfair and Primrose Hill

Eyeko celebrated 10yrs of pink power with a little shindig/gathering of bloggers and lovers of beauty.I had fun,even though I missed the cupcakes *Noooooo!

Anyhoo,these were one thing that caught my eye.

Their new London Lip glosses

They come in a few other shades,which are also named after popular places in London,but I had the following....

Mayfair:A deep browny nude
Primrose Hill:A soft pink laced with gold glitter

On first inspection,I had really high hopes for these,especially Mayfair,but im on the fence.

I werent a fan of Primrose Hill,because in general im not a fan of glittery things.On the lips,it has zero colour pay off,and is very glittery.

Mayfair was a tad different,it did add a bit of colour to my lips but nothing major.

The formula of these glosses are quite thick and sticky,so I would advise against swiping straight onto the lips from the tube.Try applying some to your finger and patting it on instead.

I think these would be best used over a lipstick rather than on their own.

The price of these £6.50,which I think is a little steep for any gloss,but would of been fitting if they were to mimic the famous OCC lip tars.(which part of me was expecting after seeing the soho swatch on their site)

What do you guys think,have you tried any of the shades yet?

Ooh dont forget if you place an order for anything,you can use my ambassador code E6852,and you will get a little surprise in your order.
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