19 June 2010

This cant be happening!

I have always been a lipgloss lover,and last year I became a lipstick lover too.

But a few months back something very random happened to me.I got rather addicted to my florabundance lipglass,and was using it near enough every day.After about a week and a half of using it,I came up with this random dry patch on my top lip.So I whipped out my carmex, as Id never had anything like this happen to me before,in hope that id be ok by the morning.

No no no no,the dryness turned into soreness,so I ditched the gloss,and the carmex because for some strange reason that was making it worse.(theres cleary something wrong here)Was it me,did I do something wrong,am I being punished by the lipgloss gods?

To cut a long story short,I started using my natural crazy rumours balm everday,day and night and whenever I was seeing the horrid flaking.

Eventually after 2 weeks my lips were back in their normal state.I waited another week until I started putting anything other than lip balm on them,just to be on the safe side.

The day eventually came.I wanted a nude lip and nothing was going to stop me.Nude delight in hand,my lips were beautiful in less than 10 seconds.Then what happened,2hrs later my lips started coming up with dry patches!WTF

Since then Iv repeated the healing process a number of times and tried my other glosses and lipsticks.No matter what im trying ,my lips are drying out and crusting over like a scene out of a horror movie.

Have I randomly become allergic to lipstick and gloss?I better not have,although It really does seem that way.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Do exuse me whilst I roll to the side and cry into my pillow :-(

16 June 2010


Finally got my mitts on the bodyshop vitamin E spray,yay and I got it for £4 as my local bodyshop are giving out £3 vouchers,not to sure why,but hey every little helps.

Although I only picked it up today,being the keeno I am,iv used it twice already lol,and im liking it.It fits into my skin regime perfectly as im using everything Vitamin E at the moment.

Im going to pop it into the fridge now along side my face cream.Cool mists in the morning,I think so....

On a different note,im such a loser, I need to go back as my LOVE ETC perfume has run out! Why do I notice these things AFTER I've hit the shops.Ahhh well,just another exuse to go shoping again.

15 June 2010

When Boredom 'Stripes'

Ok so theres no real story behind this,my nude nails were looking a bit blah,so I painted some black stripes on them.

I love it,its so me.

For the base I used models own nude beige.Its darker in reality,but the annoying light beaming through my window has made it look different in the pic.


I used to really be into nail art a few years back,but as my love for being a nail technician died so did alot of other things nail related.

At this moment in time im contemplating starting up buisness again.Who knows what might happen....

Until then,roll on the purdy nails :-)

Are any of you nail art fans?

14 June 2010

'O' my god

As im still upoading things through my phone,it only lets me add one picture to my posts at a time(dry!)so iv picked the one thats a clear must see.

This will be the first of a couple posts,just to give you all a heads up and a little sneak peak.

I was one of 6 lucky bloggers to be invited to the cloud9 'O'  launch at the Dorchester hotel.

The 'O'  is a look into the future when it comes to heated rollers.

Ok,so what is it and how does it work?

The 'O' is a pod like device that heats up specially designed rollers in super speedy time.You simply pop your roller in the pod,you will then hear three beeps,and wa la....your roller will be heated to 135 degrees,hot enough for your hair and heated from the inside,the rollers are not at all hot to handle.Might I also add,the pod doesnt get hot at all,even after the rollers have been heated.Oh and it wont just beep for anything,it detects the rollers only.

The rollers arnt your usual heavy weight velcro snagging torture devises.They are very light weight and are covered in tiny combs to comb your hair,and keep it tangle free whilst your putting them in.They also stay in without the added fuss  of having to use clips or pins.

The perfect device for adding body and oomph to the hair,and its not just for long hair.Both hair models at the event had shoulder length hair,and the results were great.

TheO isnt available to buy just yet,but will be very soon.RRP £149.95,but if you cant wait until then,they are being used in a number of salons at the moment,John Frieda,Nicky Clarke and Urban Retreat just to name a few.

Until my next post (with loads more pics) check here to see it in action.... 

Let me know what you think girls.x

8 June 2010

Duping Dior

So I saw this crazy bargain on another blog a few months back.For the life of me I cant remember who it was,but I will find out and I will link them,because credit is due. EDIT:It was beautylicious love.

I have always been a fan of Dior perfumes,my favourites being miss dior cherie and addict.But when they run out im not about to hit the shops to casually part with £40.I need dupes,that I can spray until my hearts content,without worrying about the cost.

I previously used soap and glory's body mists,a lovey dupe for dior cherie.But now theres something new in town.

That lovely bottle up top is called Diamonds,and its available from next (yes next) for the lovely price of £6.

When I smelt the tester I was overly excited.If this was in a dior cherie bottle,I wouldnt be able to tell the difference.

To make it even better,its an eau de perfume,so the scent will last and linger for quite some time.

I had to share this,because its definately worth checking out.

Have any of you tried this yet,or could you recomend any other bargain dupes I should check out?

6 June 2010

He's Watching You....

Ok so this is not beauty related in any way,but it creeps me out!

Birdseye have dropped their pervy pirate for a polar bear that lives in your freezer and watches your every move.

He's clearly not meant to be scary,but the advert always makes me feel a tad uneasy.Maybe its the soft winded creepy music they play in the background,who knows.

I mean its a polar bear that watches you,and gets slightly annoyed if  your not eating!

Poor clive,his kids are definitely eating dippers for tea.


5 June 2010

Elegant Touch

I love this stuff.I only discovered it because of my mum lol.

Its a fine mist that dries your nails in 60 seconds.Does it work? Yes it does.Im always using this before I go to bed,as im always painting my nais when my eyes are on the brink of closing.So this stops me from waking up to nails covered in all manors of patterns.It also contains vitamin E to condition those cuticles.

I picked mine up in tesco for about £3.50 (125ml) but im sure you can pick it up in almost any drugstore.

P.s I hope my posts are displaying properly.Im still doing them through my phone.Hopefully not for much longer....

3 June 2010


Barry m fuchsia

I miss blogging so much.I got a new phone today and its letting me blog YIPPEE !

I hope you can all see this.3rd time lucky.

And a big hey to my new readers.thanks for joining me even though you knew my computer was dead.Mwah!
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