31 March 2010

Mint Or Minted

The other day I picked up revlon minted in superdrug(2 for £8 at the mo ladies) as I had been tweeting about it and wondering if it was more flattering than the Barry M Mint.Now I bought Barry M mint the day it came out along with the other colours,and since that day it has only touched my nails once.Something about the green wasnt flattering against my skin tone at all.

So like I said I picked up minted,and all I can say is that its love

This shade is much more flattering in my opinion.Its such a nice milky pastel mint.I applied it on Saturday,and I haven't been greeted by Mr chip yet,which is good for me with all the household work my hands do.Two coats and I was ready to go,and I also found that it dried rather quick too.

I also picked up tropical temptation after lusting after it for so long,but thats a whole new story.I just know that colour is going to be love also.

Back to the subject in hand,I am definitely a Minted girl........

Are you Mint or Minted?


30 March 2010


A while back,Im talking way over a month now,I was sent two products from Aveeno to try out.A daily moisturising lotion and a hand cream.Sadly the hand cream could not be with us, as my mums nicked it,And I have since discovered she keeps it in her car.Here are a few words from mummy to help explain her actions,LOL
(shes so going to cuss me for writing that )
Its a nice hand cream.It absorbs into the skin really quickly and doesn't leave me with greasy hands.It has no scent though (insert sad face)My hands feel soft after using it.Thanks for the words mum

(click to enlarge)

Onto the daily lotion,I have been using this on my legs,on and off for over a month now.On because Im being a good girl and sticking to my moisturising routine,and off because Im just being plain lazy.Its a nice moisturiser,My skin does feel really soft,I need a moisturiser that does exactly that.My skin cant hack being dry.If it is,I start getting those tiny bumps on the backs of my arm or legs,and I cant stand them whatever they are......

The only thing I disliked about this product was the slight after scent it left on my skin,It is a fragrance free ,so its clearly all the natural ingredients I can smell.I want to say its an oaty smell,but frankly im rubbish at describing things.The scent isnt over powering,but im only used to fresh fruity scents or no scent at all,Im just extra fussy.Aside from that theres nothing much I can really say,It does do exactly what it says on the packaging

Has anyone else tried Aveeno?


29 March 2010

Parissa Update

Hey ladies sorry for the lack of posting,the internet has been playing up majorly, annoying!!!!

So anyhoo at the weekend I took the plunge and used the sugar hair removal system(here)
did it go well I hear you cry.well yes indeedy.

I really liked this system,and surprisingly it didnt hurt at all.I popped it in the microwve for 20sec and away I went.Oh and for those that may not have a microwave,you can heat it under a reading lamp.

The product went on nice and smooth an didn't tug my skin.The only area that bothered me slightly was my ankle area,and thats only because there is no meat there what so ever lol.
Aside from that,doing the rest of my leg was fine.

My legs didnt turn the usual pink that they would have if I had waxed,because this product only takes your hair,NOT a layer of your skin with it.My legs were left really soft and smooth.Its a couple days on now and the smoothness is still going strong.I will definitely be purchasing this,so much better than waxing.I was tempted to epilate a while back but I think im going to stick with this for a bit.

have any of you ever tried a sugar hair removal system?


26 March 2010

Lip Lovin

So I havent really been my usual blogging self for the past couple days,Partly because I have had a little mind block.Its still going but so not to drop behind on my posts,I thought I would share with you a few lip products that I have been loving at the moment.These are all the lip products ive been loving and using lately.

First up,trusty carmex.I use this every day with out fail.I pop it on my lips before I go to bed,and I pop it on whilst im doing my make up so that by the time I get to my lips they are lovely and soft.Its also a great base.I find it keeps my lipstick and gloss in place for longer.

Next up is my new love and another fave.Mac florabundance and Barry M lipgloss in toffee.I love both of these glosses and ever since florabundance dropped through the letter box I have been using it ever since.

Another fave of mine is Rimmel Nude delight.You can tell its a favourite by how worn down it is.Its such a nice peachy nude.It nice alone or teamed up with a gloss.

Im also loving the e.l.f mineral lipgloss in Fierce.Its a really nice coral colour.Even when the gloss fades it still leaves lips with a hint of colour.

Im loving everything coral,nude and peachy at the moment.What colours are you loving?


24 March 2010

Maybelline Superstay 24H Foundation

I have now seen the add for this foundation a few times and from what I have experienced with maybelline in the past,I am really eager to try it.


What they say :

Why you'll love it

Our new foundation stays flawless.
Beyond any stretch of the imagination.
- It moves flexibly with your skin
- It stays flawless all day
- It resists heat, humidity, sweat, transfer, touch, LIFE!

Our Flex technology stretches and flexes with your skin. Stays looking flawless and feels light all day.

It’s the do-it-all through-it-all 24-hour makeup

I really am stopping myself from running out to buy this for the pure fact I dont need any foundations at the moment.But nothings going to stop little old me from being curious.Its £6.99 in boots at the moment.You know what, screw it .I know im going to end up buying it.

Have any of you tried this yet or are you planning too?

If so you have to let me know how you get on with it.


23 March 2010

Mac Florabundance

After seeing this on pixi2woos channel I just had to have it.But there was no way I was going to part with £12 for such a small gloss,So I started searching the net in hope of saving a few pounds.

I eventually came across a site (which I will post at the bottom) that sold MAC,benefit and a few other bits at a lower price.At first I was like hmmm.But I placed my order through pay pal knowing if it was fraud I could get the money back.

So I ordered florabundance on sat eve and it came this morning.Cost £6.99
I love the colour,its like a nude peachy pink,It also smells quite nice too
click to enlarge
From what I can see its definitely not a fake.But I did email the company to find out just why there cosmetics were so cheap.

I was told that most of the products are things shops send back because the boxes might be scratched,or certain lines may be discontinued.The lady also told me she was getting a load of urban decay stuff in soon because urban decay are changing there packaging.Makes sense!

She also said she has been selling mac for 3yrs via her own stockist,she used to sell on ebay and trading standards had checked her out and everything was kool.To be honest I dont think they would bother with anything dodgy considering they post the cosmetics from their home address

Now im not one to believe people when they are talking about their own company,because clearly they are going to say what ever they can to make you part with your cash.But I do believe it to some extent.Theres markets near me that sell drug store cosmetics galore LOL and they sure aint fakes....

Everything seems fine with my lipglass and delivery was speedy.I will definitely be placing another order when I feel like I need to spend some money.

The site Comsetic Skincare have any of you ever ordered from here before?


22 March 2010

Forgotten Bronzer

First im going to say Happy Birthday to meeee,Yay another year older and I can already feel the wisdom lol.

Anyway,whilst cleaning the other day I came across something I completely forgot I had.The Barry M natural dazzle compact

For those not in the know,Its a matt bronzer with a reddish undertone.I used to love this,but clearly it got over shadowed by newbies in my collection.

I have started to use this again,and Its brilliant for contouring

The picture below is heavily swatched,so you get an idea of the red undertone I was talking about.Dont worry It doesn't look like that on the skin.

Its easy to blend and gives me a natural colour that doesn't look cakey or like I have rubbed my face in dirt.I cant believe I forgot about my little dazzle compact.Since Saturday my cheek bones have looked amazing.I really have to go through the rest of my make up to make sure haven't forgot about any other once loved items.

Have any of you rediscovered anything shoved at the back of your make up draw?Let me know


19 March 2010

Im Addicted To You

So I was forced to sort some things out by the visiting mum.Then I realised how much nail polish I actually have.And this isnt even all of it.My friends have always told me to stop buying,and lining most of the bottles up in front of my face has made me realise
(I cant believe im going to say this)

But maybe its time I stopped buying

I think Its safe to say I have an addition.Surely im not an addict if not one colour is the same.Or is this still not justifiable

I know im not alone,so heres a few pictures........

So who else is in the nail polish crew?


Fuzzy Peach

Just a quick nails of the day,well at least until it chips.Models Own Fuzzy Peach.Its a bit more pastel peach in reality.But you get the idea.


18 March 2010

Sweets For My Sweets Sugar For My Hair Removal

I was kindly sent this Parissa Camomile body sugar try out.I did agree to try it out,but now im having flashbacks of waxing my legs in the past,sticking the strip on my leg,and having to psych myself up to rip it off.

The box contains 5floz of the body sugar a bunch of strips,3 spatulas and some azulene oil for after hair removal.
This is not a wax,Its a sugar based hair removal system,Containing 100% natural ingredients it is meant to be so natural its almost edible.(of course Im not going to try any...cough cough)

As well as sugar and camomile it also contains citrus extracts .This means it conditions and exfoliates your legs at the same time.It can also be used on the face and body.The results are said to last up to 6 weeks.Leaving you with a clean salon finish.I forgot to mention,Its also washable,so If you make any mistakes,or if you get to scared to pull the strip off,you can rinse it off with warm water.HURRAH!

In the past I have tried waxing.Nair, the one that has no strips and you actually have to rip the wax.And the veet strips,that you rub in your hands to warm up.I haven't got on with any of these.So im hoping I will get on with this one.

As the weekend is coming up,and Im planning on going out,I thought I would give it a whirl.This is either going to go two ways.Lets hope im on twitter later raving about my smooth sexy legs.

You can pick this up in sainsbury's rrp £12.99

If you have any tips,Please throw them my way ladies.Wish me luck......


16 March 2010

And The Winner Is......

Ok so its that time,the competition to win the lovely cheshire cat ring is now over,But I would like to say a BIG thank you for everyone that entered.So without further a do.......

The Winner is the writer of LILLY LOVES LOLA (Victoria)


I have just dropped you an email.Hope you enjoy your prize


13 March 2010

Nails For The week And A Swatch

Just thought I would share my nails with you today.Its models own Nude Beige.Easy to apply,two coats and I'm done. I'm really loving models own nail colours at the moment.Think I may be painting my nails peach or coral next.

I also thought I would include a swatch of the models own Red n Black polish.Which is black with a red undertone.The only way I found I could pick up the red colour was if I painted it on white paper and took the picture under bright light.Its picked up the undertone,but that still isn't what it looks like on the nails.Its so hard to capture the niceness of this polish.But I do advise you buy it if you ever place an order on the models own site.It looks so nice on.

I think im going to order Beths Blue and Blue Gem next so I need one more colour to add to that order

Have you got any colours from them you would recommend??

You can check models own HERE


12 March 2010


So I kept seeing this advert on tv for something called Inoa.I gathered that it was something do do with hair colour because the woman in the add had lovely auburn locks and her face was covered with flowers.

Yesterday I decided to look it up online as the add made it seem so special.That and the fact its my birthday next week and im really ready for a colour change.

So what I can extract from the site is that Inoa by loreal is a new kind of hair colour that causes no discomfort when on,for example itching to the scalp.It doesn't contain any imonia,so the dye is odourless, which is good because I cant stand the smell of hair colour.Its meant to be very gentle on the hair and the colour it gives is meant to be very accurate,precise and even from root to tip.

There are 57 shades available in cool,vibrant and luminous warm tones.Inoa also allows for lightening up to 3 levels minus the bleach.

Optimise scalp comfort
Optimised respect for hair
Unlimited colour results

You can check the site here

I think I want to be a a true chocolatey brown with a warm reddish undertone.I used to get my hair coloured a deep golden mahogany brown and it was love.So im thinking probably something along those lines.I have already checked if there's any salons near me that does this,and there's loads.

So what do you think ladies.Should I take the plunge????


10 March 2010

Loreal Youth code

I have been using this cream for like over a month now,so Its fair to say that can share my opinions.As soon as I superdrugs tweet saying that this was out,my finger got slightly out of control and the next thing I know im tracking my order.I didnt buy this when it was £15.I waited a few days until it went down to £10.But now im not sure what the actual price is.Tesco sell it for £10 as standard,savers sell it for £8.99 on special but it will be going up to £9.99 after.Where as superdrug and boots are saying £9.99 save £5!!!
who knows what the real price is anymore.I picked another one up yesterday in savers so its all good.

I read somewhere a while back that this cream is aimed at people in their 20s to early 30s.Not sure how true that is,but thought I would share it with you anyway.
So like I said I have been using this cream for over a month now,and I love it.Apparently its taken 10 years of research for Loreal to come up with this formula.That alone sold me.......
well that and the fact I spotted the word radiant on the box.

Another thing that sold me was the fact you can use this as a day and night cream,so it leaves you with a bit of cash spare to spend of other things you don't actually need.
click to enlarge

The product itself comes in a 50ml glass jar.It also has a stopper inside the lid so you don't get any cream leaking out.
I found I didn't need to use a lot of the product after the initial excitement of just slapping it on.I think I got a tad over excited with how much I was using in the beginning,but It still lasted me 7weeks considering Im using it day and night.I reckon my new jar will last a bit longer.

The moisturiser itself is quite rich.You can feel how moisturising it is from first use.It doesn't leave you greasy.It kind of just melts into the skin

I use this in the morning and before I go to bed.I literally just dab a dot on my forehead, cheeks nose and chin,then rub it all in.
I have definitely noticed a change in my skin whilst using this,and so have others.Im not old at 23 but my skin is looking rather radiant if I do say so myself,Its also softer and smoother.

As well as the day cream,the youth code range also includes an eye cream,and a rejuvenating anti wrinkle concentrate.

Im glad that my impulse to buy things never failed me this time

Have any of you tried this or any of the other products from the youth code range?


9 March 2010


Iv got a huge ego lol well at least I did have (in this instance im referring to my hair)

I was sent these a few weeks back to try out,the day before I was just about to go out and buy some,lady luck was clearly on my side for once..

What they say : TWISTED EGO
The art of getting noticed, with a twist
No hair disobeys the iron will of this tong that includes
fully adjustable temperature control for frizz free curls.
The evenly distributed heat and HW2 technology
guarantees an even and lasting curl. RRP £89.99
EVERY EGO comes with NEW HW2 technology - 4000 year old mineral rich, red earth of the mountainous forests of Korea blended with the finest crushed Tourmaline gems. The result is a powerful natural phenomenon that actively removes toxins and static from each hair while reducing styling time, retaining moisture and cushioning the hair from direct and damaging heat. EGO tools are also supported with a 2 year no quibble warranty.
To live life in style, be an EGOTIST.
Ego – I am who I am

What I say: This large barrel tong is Ideal for creating soft waves or big tumbling curls.I have created both,but at the moment Im just using it to create really loose subtle waves as I have been pining my hair up alot.I like the fact that the temperature is adjustable,because it means my locks dont get an instant shock of 200 degree heat when I use them.

They also have a built in stand,so you don't have to worry about burning anything when you put them down.From the picture below you can get an idea of the overly loose curls

yes,im aware im due for a trim,my hair also needs a wash so please excuse any fluff you may see,lol

They do curl my hair really quick,I probably hold it in my hair for like 6sec and let it go.My hair rarely holds curl,because of all the years I have been taking straighteners to it.Usually when I attempt to curl it,the curls completely drop out within an hour.With these I found that the curl only slightly drops,but It still holds.The curls don't even drop out when I go to bed.I just wake up the next day with really loose waves,and Im lazy,I don't use hairspray.....

I'm glad I was given the opportunity to try these.They are the perfect tool to use whilst im sporting my loose wavy pinned up hair do.And because the curl holds,its really helping me in my "healthy hair" mission.With these I only need to put heat on my hair on a Mon, Thurs and Saturday...RESULT

Have any of you got a new found love for tongs?

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