29 January 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Youve probably seen reviews for this little pot of magic all over the shot,But as I only purchased it around christmas Id thought Id share my views on it with some others, that may have been sailing in the same boat as me..

So a while back I posted a plea for help asking what I could do to keep my eye-shadow in place.I was tired of leaving the house with perfect eye make-up,then a short while later,what do you know,im having to clean up the corners of my eyes, where my once perfect eye-shadow had now melted (sad times)

Many of you recommended this,and at £11 I thought errr,why not.It was either that or spend a bit more on the two face one,which clearly wasn't going to be the case.Because im tight like that lol.

So I plodded along to boots in hope it would be in stock,as it was around Christmas,and Hurrah,there was one left,waiting there for little old me,It was clearly a sign lol.

The packaging is so cute,genie esq.One down fall though,Iv seen a bunch of videos warning all us Urban Decay lovers that when you think this is finished...ITS NOT!!! but a little knife action in a few months doesnt really bother me.

So as you can see from the picture above,It has a sponge applicator,so its nice and gentle on the eyes.You only need a small amount for each eye,But below I have swatched it for all those curious Georges out there.

Its a creamy consistency,and once blended and dry, it gives a matt finish,you then put your eye-shadow on as usual.When I first used this I was quiet amazed that my eye shadow had stayed in place all day.No melting,no creasing,nothing.

So all in all Im a very happy bunny,and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone that wears eye shadow.I will definitely be repurchasing this,after the Iv butchered the bottle and got every last bit of creamy goodness out.

Im am officially a UDPP addict....are you???

: )

28 January 2010

Prestige Skin Loving Minerals

Since I saw these a while back on the boots site,I was umming and arring on whether I should part with my pounds.The reason I fell for them...nothing more than the fact I was feeling hungry and they had the word baked on the packaging.This will be the reason that one day I will become very poor but surrounded by a sea of make-up > . <

I was going to order them but I ended up passing a boots that stocked them and for once I remembered to go in and swatch away like a mad woman.

Finally after standing at the make up stand for what seemed to be some time,I decided I had to have these two little beauties.Sun baked bronzing powder in rich bronze and fresh glow baked mineral blush in peach....

I love how the bronzer has golden swirls in it,as when its applied to the skin ,it gives off such a natural glow.
The peach also has peach and pink tones swirled around in it, as well as a radiant sheen,that also gives you a lovely luminous finish when applied to the cheek area.

Im so glad I did end up purchasing these,Iv used them practically everyday since I did.The colours look so natural when applied,and the bronze doesnt give you that dirty look.

These are available from Boots and hurrah,Iv just noticed you can save up to £3 on selected prestige products. CLICK BLUSH CLICK BRONZER

: )

27 January 2010

Jonh Frieda-Go Blonder

Has summer come early...? well no clearly it hasn't,but maybe this might help...

So yesterday,I received these little mini sample sizes of John Frieda Go Blonder,they look so cute lol.Thanks Angela.This product is basically meant to be like summer in a tube,It gradually lightens blonde or highlighted blonde hair like the sun would,minus the damaging effects,What? that's interesting.

Now with the size of my afro im clearly not going to get much of a result out of these cute little things,so now that I know it exists,I will definitely be on the look out for it next time I hit the shops.So,so far on my list of things to get we have maybelline falsies mascara,loreal youth code and now this,I also want to get a nice everyday MAC lipstick if any of you have any recommendations.

So getting back to the subject,heres what the go blonder shampoo and conditioner looks like.Its aimed at people with blonde hair or blonde highlighted hair.But I have heard shampoos aimed at blonde hair can give brunettes super shine.Never tested that theory before,but just though id share it.

Clearly im not blonde,But I do have dark blonde through parts of my hair that are more noticeable in the light.If this little tube of sunshine promises to give me the results of sun-kissed hair all year round,Im gonna take it up on its promise,and give it a whirl.

I have used John Frieda in the past,colour glaze(love) and various products from the frizz-ease range,so im intrigued to see if this will really work.

click to enlarge

Fingers crossed I can report back with some good news.

: )

26 January 2010

Elite REPULP! Gloss

So whilst sitting in my room feeling bored,I decided to go through my make up and came across this,I dont remember buying this,meh...Oh well thought it would be something nice to do a post on,especially after I plastered it over my lips and took a picture of myself lol...

So this is Elite Repulp Gloss,Shade Lovely Red.Im not sure why its called repulp,because it didnt really have that effect on my lips,or maybe the shine that it has,is meant to give off that illusion.........

Im actually liking the packaging,I think it looks rather expensive.And I like the fact it has a lip brush on the end.

Im not a fan of colour on my lips,but I think I might have to pull this one out the bag next time I go out.Even though it is clearly a highly pigmented red,It looks to me as if It has a pinky undertone,which is a tad more flattering against the skin.

Im usually scared of red,Its one of those colours you can either pull off or you just have to steer clear of it.I find myself to be one of those that steer well clear.I can never put any form of red on my lips without making a blatant mistake,then I try to fix the mistake by wiping it away,only to find its too late and I have a nice red stain on my skin lol (as seen below) Anyhwoo,this is what it looks like on.....
Do any of you have a bright colour your scared of?
: )

Elite available at superdrug rrp around £6 (I think )

25 January 2010

Eyeko Line and shines & Graffiti Eyeliner

Hey ladies,Just thought I d share with you a few things,If your one that likes colour keep reading,and if your one that tries endlessly to draw on that perfect liquid eyeliner keep reading ,and if you dont like any of the above just read anyway lol.

I was given these to try out,So first up,Eyeko Line and Shine.these are double ended,Highly pigmented,fat eye pencils.They come in three shades,as you can see below.

(All pics can be clicked to enlarge)

Bring on the swatches.....

The purple shade pencil is for "Superstar Eyes" The blue shade pencil is for "Popstar Eyes" and the black liner is for "Rockstar eyes"

I must admit,I wouldnt usually look twice at this sort of thing,but im glad they were bought to my attention.Iv been using the black one everyday,on my waterline,I dont think id use them as a shadow though,even though its been said that you can.I like that they are creamy in texture,and bold in colour..And at £4 each,you cant really go wrong if you dont like it at least you kind of wouldnt mind.

Next Up Graffiti eyeliner,In a pen,Yes that's right ladies.Gone are the days where you slowly draw your liquid eyeliner on,in hope you don't make a mistake.

The fine nib fast drying pen,makes it easy to control,Its actually like writing on paper.

So if anyone out there likes using liquid eyeliner,but hates the hassle of getting a straight line,This is definitely one to try,I think it is a tad over priced for what it is,only due to the fact if your eyelids are slightly oily and you try and put this on,nothing happens.In my opinion they would have been better off making this in a water proof formula.Price £5

You can check out the eyeko site HERE

And dont forget to use my ambassador code E6852 if you order anything,because you will get a little something extra thrown in.

: )

24 January 2010


Hello Ladies,You could say this post is a slight continuation from the one below.My nails finally had a visit from mr chip,so Ive had the chance to try one of my new polishes.After umming and aaaring for a while,I decided on this pretty colour Utopia.Its like a very light pastel pupley/grey,If that makes any sense.

The polish went on smooth,And one coat could be enough of a colour pay off for some people,but I always go for two.One coats my colour and the second coats like my security blanket lol.It dried super quick and has a really nice shine considering ive used no top coat.

I cant stop looking at my nails,I really Like this colour.What do you think ??

: )

I Love the solid colour pay off-My nails almost look fake >.<


21 January 2010

Models Own

So when I got home yesterday,I Opened my mailbox and found a black box-eep look what was inside......
The lovely Jacquie,over at models own had sent me a few things to play around with,she has been very generous in sending so much,and shes picked things that are really me.She was even so kind to send my friend Emma,(that did the nails nails nails post a few posts down)A matt black polish,seen as shes been hunting for one for a while.

So heres the polishes lined up,Ive excluded the matt black because we all know what black looks like.....
click to enlarge
I love the colours,they are all so mee,Pearly Queen has really caught my eye,the picture does not do it justice,and I cant wait to get that baby on my nails.
Below are some swatches,I cudnt swatch my own nails because I have just had them painted yesterday,but you can get the general idea from this.The colours are in the same order as above.
(I will change this picture when my nails chip)

Click to enlarge

I was also sent some powder eyeshadows,even though I dont really wear eyeshadow,Im a sucker for a smokey eye when I go out,and all these shades make the perfect selection.Im thinking Navy and Black with some Graphite grey,Ohhh let the experimenting commence.

Click to enlarge
Forgive me that I have not swatched but im wearing a white top today,and knowing me an accident would have occurred >.<

Theres so many other nail colours I want off the site which is HERE
I probably already own every colour nail polish in the rainbow and over the rainbow,but that doesn't mean I shouldn't work on owning every shade of every colour,But im spoilt for choice.
They do have some offers on nail polish at the moment,So maybe I should give in to what is the money demon inside of me,and just get what ever makes me happy.

Can anyone recommend any colours?

: )


20 January 2010


Hey Ladies,hope your all good.....

Today I went to the Jergens press launch today at Haymarket Hotel,are some of you thinking whats Jergens??? Well let me fill you in,Just to add If I was rich,Haymarket Hotel would be my new living quarters,who knew suites had living rooms because I sure didn't lol.
Anyhoo onto the good stuff.....

In 2009,Jergens,Americas number 1 best selling bodycare range,became available in the uk for the first time with the launch of new Jergens Naturals Body Moisturisers.As its been so successful,they are introducing 2 new body moisturisers to the range -Cocoa Butter and Total Nourishment Replenishing body moisturisers. (as seen below)They also contain 97% and 96% natural ingredients.

Now,I must admit,ive seen Jergens in the shops before and always walked past it as I hadnt ever heard enough about it,and thought it was just another cream on the shelf,But little did I know that I was wrong.

First up,Cocoa Butter,No ladies get Palmers out your head for one second.This Cocoa Butter cream is light,silky and easy to rub in,and If you put loads on,you wont smell like a chocolate bar.The scent is light and not overpowering unlike some cocoa butters.Apparently its meant to keep you moisturised for 8hrs,Im 5 hrs in and my hands are still soft and they still smell good,even after carrying primani bags,but thats another story.So far,Its a thumbs up from moi.

Also,whilst I was in the chocolate room,I had a chocolate manicure by Adam Slee-Celebrity Manicurist
We decided to do something a bit different,but I really like it.We ended up calling it the Jergens chocolate manicure,I wonder if it will catch on.....

Second up....
Total Nourishment cream(THE PURPLE ONE) is packed with all foods that are super-Crandberry,Acai Berry Extract and Mangosteen Extract- for all those that want it ina nut shell-Its good for you lol and for everyone else-heres the science bit.

Crandberry-Known to stimulate cell turnover for smooth skin
Acai Berry Extract-Contains anti-oxidants to promote skin health
Mangosteen Extract-Contains anti-oxidants too help prevent skin damage which are more powerful than vitamins A,C and E

I will be using these,and Il update you ladies as to how I get on.Until then....
Have any of you have ever tried Jergens?

: )

17 January 2010

NOTD: Hotlooks Big hair

Sick of how dull its been outside,I decided to plonk something on my nails that would cheer me up,that,and I need to actually start wearing nail varnishes I buy,rather than just letting them sit there.....

So this is what I have on my nails at the moment,Its by hot looks and its called Big Hair.The name alone was enough to make me buy this.Hot looks are really cheap at £1.79,so you can always pick up more than one,they dry fast,and last a reasonable amount of time before the chip factor kicks in

You can pick hot looks up from the collection 2000 range at boots or superdrug,if you dont already own the entire range lol

: )


15 January 2010

Sexy Summer Legs

So I have this issue where I constantly seem to neglect my legs when It comes to winter,bad-I know.But I was sent a couple things to try,which seems to me,its a clear cut sign that I need to fix up

So first things first,I know it isnt going to be get your legs out season for a while,but preparation is key,and I vow to have my legs looking in tip top condition this time round.So here's what I was sent to try......

( click to enlarge)

Oh yeah,someone else has been using t too lol,Ok this stuff is called Parissa Azulene Aftercare Oil,It retails at £7.99 and is available from boots.The idea of this stuff-is to spray it on your legs and rub it in after shaving or waxing.This is meant to help prevent ingrown hairs and promote long term smootheness.I have been using in between shaving as well...

What I think....

I have only been using this for probably just under 2weeks now,but I must say my legs are soft,and its helped prevent my hair follicles getting jammed with dry skin,thus preventing any ingrown hairs that may of wanted to grace me with their presence
I dont want to rave about this too much as id rather use it for a full month so can give you all a much better opinion,but so far so good-fingers crossed I keep heading in that direction.

Have any of you got any tips on achieving great summer legs?? If so please share away

: )


14 January 2010

Nails Nails Nails

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So Iv been pestering my friend Emma to throw some swatches my way for a while now,and shes finally come through lol,Shes written an entry for all you lovely readers and included some swatches, enjoy.....oh and c if you can spot the old man from UP!

Hi all..

I’ve been meaning to write a submission for Michelle’s blog for some time now but never seemed to get round to it >.<#

This evening I was sitting in bed painting my nails and watching ‘Brothers & Sisters’ (season 3 is amazing) and decided to get on and type something =(^-^)=

I recently bought 3 nail varnishes. 2 from Mac (‘Blissed Out’ & ‘Dim the Lights’ from the ‘Warm & Cozy’ collection) and 1 from Urban Outfitters.

Both of these Mac colours are wonderful. So many bloggers out there are raving about them...the hype is well founded! I wanted to buy another ‘Blissed Out’ but it’s sold out on their website now. Both colours dry quickly, although both need at least a couple of coats. I actually think the nude colour is pretty poor quality and needs a base coat (the chocolate brown is better and can do without)...

The urban outfitters one was a total impulse purchase and I really don’t know what I was thinking. It’s clay coloured and just totally horrible. It’s thick, gloopy and was quite a waste of £6! It dried quickly and only needed one coat, but I think the important thing about a nail polish is the COLOUR and this one fails miserably. DO NOT LIKE!!

I bought the YSL colour a couple of months ago while looking for a nude shade (I have no idea what it’s name is. There aren’t any other similar YSL colours out though, so just go pester the store assistant when you go buy it...which you really should).

The paint goes on beautifully, stays chip-free for at least 4 days and is easy to remove...but at £16 you’d hope really hope so.

I actually prefer Blissed Out’s colour (and price), but the consistency of the YSL runs rings around its MAC equivalent and the colour is still adorable. The bottle is hella cute too. BUY BUY BUY NOW NOW NOW!

FINALLY! The Chanel ‘Blue Satin’ is one of my favourite colours from last season. The photo of it in the swatch is awful. It’s royal blue – very nearly black – and has a bit of glimmer to it. It goes on well, doesn’t chip, the colour is fantastic...but it’s a pain in the arse to remove.

I’m still a total sucker for these little pots of gloriousness though <3

Anyone know of any matte black nail polishes that are less than a tenner?? I can’t find one anywhere....

: )

11 January 2010

Body Shop Tinted Glow Enhancer

So let me introduce you to my new love,Its long,brown and keeps me looking radiant...NO LADIES lol-Its my tinted glow enhancer from the body shop.....

I came across this on zoellas blog,and fell in love-but for £11,I was like meh...
theres things out there that are probably the same.But then I saw another review where this was mixed in with foundation and I fell in love with the perfect glowy airbrushed look it gave

So when I was out I could smell that body shop was just around the corner,Hmmm what to do what to do,Should I be spending £11 on a 25ml tube of goodness,or do I have some self control and briskly walk past the shop *cough* £11 on a tube of goodness sounds good.

what body shop says "A lightweight, moisturising liquid formulation that provides a natural-looking sheer radiance that helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone and instantly brighten the complexion. It can be worn alone as an alternative to foundation, or applied over foundation to add a subtle sheen to the face and body. Dermatologically tested"

What Im thinking.....
In the picture below I have taken a small amount and blended it out for ya
Ok,now imagine if I took a real size dollop and blended it out,The dewiness = love for me.....

I mixed this with my foundation this morning (maybeline dream satin liq) and I look so fresh faced,and my skin just looks bright.Considering its only a 25ml tube,a little goes a long way and I think this will last a long time-Oh did I mention its also meant to fill in fine lines-all round goodness

Definitely my new favourite product.There is also 2 other ones- the glow enhancer-which is pinky toned and then theres a lighter shade to the one ive got

I will not be responsible for anyone that now wants to part with £11 lol

: )

7 January 2010

Lush Candy Cane

If this was food,id happily eat it.I love everything about this bubble bar,especially the smell,candy candy candy.So I decided to have a hot bath seen as its so cold outside,and couldn't resist crumbling some of my bubble bar into it-just to make it a bit more enjoyable.I say some because you dont need to crumble the whole lot,that would just be a waste,and I dont know about you,but I like to get as much from my lush as possible.

I smell good,I feel good,so Im a happy lady-the only thing that makes me sad is that I cant seem to find these bubble bars on the Lush site anymore,whats going on????

Aside from that,if you can find them its £2.35 well spent

: )


5 January 2010

Mac Fix +

*Pinches myself* Umm Im just checking that I am alive,because I fail to understand why I never knew about this product......

Ok so it is my first ever mac purchase(yay me) but still there is no excuse for the sheer lateness I have clearly been blessed with

Aside from that,lets shimmy onto the good stuff.....

Mac Fix+ spray + my face = dewy moisturised glowing skin,yeah thats right,I can do maths aswell lol

Im totally in love with this stuff.It refreshes the skin,sets make-up and moisturises too.You can use it before and after make-up,I do both.I cant believe I went through a make-up routine without this.Its clearly my new love

This retails at £11 and can be purchased off the MAC website and in department stores at MAC counters

This could be a wasted post,as majority of the world uses MAC like toilet paper.But for the small society of *never used mac* people out there,this post was for you.

Im no longer a MAC virgin-fix+ popped my cherry

: )


3 January 2010

Peachy Nude Nails

Was meaning to do a poost on this a few days back-but just seeing vexinthecity's Blog post on MAC Blissed Out,hurried me along

As soon as I saw the picture,I was like,but wait,thats the same colour im wearing *whilst putting my fingers on the computer screen*

Ok so I know there's a difference in lighting when taking pictures,So I tried to get the best image I could,But it still looks slightly different in reality....

This is a true peachy nude colour and I love it,Best of all I stumbled across it in claires,Um yep you read correctly,I did say claires-a place I dont usually venture lol,but I was searching for a nail colour I saw on someone elses blog.The only downfall id say is that I cant tell you what colour it is because it has no shade name or anything(sad times).And I know they have a few nude colours.There is a number on the back near the ingredients which is B32,I have no clue if it is associated with the colour in any way so dont get mad if it isnt lol

So anyway,two coats and I was done,It was quick drying and I havnt used a top coat.By the way, excuse the fact the picture above may include fluff or any other kind of crap,since I changed the settings on my camera it seems to pick up everything

Just encase you go on the hunt for this....
Its a solid colour (no shimmer)
Its a 9ml bottle
cost is £2
If all else fails just go for the shade that looks exactly like a peachy colour

I dont know what else to say,I wish they at least had a number I could give you-ahh well,Let the hunting commence


2 January 2010

Lush Sugar Babe

After walking around Lush and smelling everything in site,I settled on two things,Sugar Babe sugar scrub,and the Candy cane bubble bar.These were the two things I was drawn to even though it was spend £20 get anything free

So anyhoo,as the weathers been so cold and all and I was down at my mums,I thought Id purchase a couple things I could use down there,Which I forgot to pack in my over full suitcase.

Exfoliating and moisturising is like a staple in my body care routine-Especially when its winter.So when I saw this little ball of loveliness I didn't hesitate to pick it up

I used this yesterday,and I love the fact its the kind of sugar grains that you can feel working.I did make the mistake of leaving the shower on whilst scrubbing away which bloody melted half the thing,but fear not I managed to salvage half the ball lol-I havnt hit the red centre yet-I dont actually know what it is lol-But my skin was still left silky smooth and moisturised

At £2.60 you cant actually go wrong

I will be doing a review about the candy cane once I can get over the addiction of smelling it(seriously addictive) and crumble it in my bath

Hope everyone had a good xmas and new year

: )

p.s Do you like my new header
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