1 December 2010

3 For 2

Superdrug are currently holding 3 for 2 mix 'n' match across all cosmetics, and there's no rush getting down there either as this marvelous deal ends in January.

I picked up the 2 Sleek blushes I was lusting after: Sunrise (L) and Rose Gold. At first I couldn't find them, and I felt a slight tantrum building up inside of me when the S.A told me they didn't stock them anymore "SAY WHAAAT" but just before I was ready to roll my eyes and start moaning to my friend, she told me she may have a couple stashed away in the draw, and she did woohoo!!

I also randomly discovered this beauty by Sue Moxley. It was said to be a bronzer so of course I was like "This isn't a bronzer!!" *swatch* and it definitely isn't. But it is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen.

It looks a lot like something that could have come from mac, its dome shaped, finely milled and the powder itself is super soft. The packaging is really nice and it has a massive mirror in the lid, as well as a brush to apply, which is a bit 'meh' to be honest.

I have been applying this with my duo fibre brush to set my foundation, and its lovely. It gives a beautiful soft focus sheen to the skin without making you look white and dusty.

Swatches above from Left to Right: Sleek Sunrise, Sue Moxley-Miami and Sleek Rose Gold

I love all of these and would happily buy them again, especially Rose Gold, its so gorgeous.

Sleek Blushes - £3.99
Sue Moxley Miami - £6

Have any of you taken advantage of the 3 or 2? I think I want to try the Loreal Voluminous Mascara so I will definitely be going back......


  1. Thanks for the heads uo, there is also free standard delivery online untill 7th Dec

  2. Oh, these all look so pretty! I've been wanting Sunrise for ages but I'm not paying P&P and the last Superdrug I went in didn't have any of the LE colours. The Sue Moxley thing looks interesting too!


  3. Actually picked up one of the bronzers last week and spotted the highlighter (not bronzer) while I was there as once I got home I wished I had bought it!

    Now I'm wishing I'd bought even more with your idea of using it to set foundation.
    Really loving the new Sue Moxley products!

    Fee x

  4. Oh very jealous I loved Sue Moxley products but my Superdrug don't stock them anymore! x

  5. wow the blushes are seriously gorgeous - luv them!

  6. i want those blushes so badly! they look so gorgeous on your skin, by the way :)

    great buys!

  7. The sue moxley bronzer looks fab, Will definatley have to pick that up! Sleek blushes are great too, I haven't got the 2 you picked though, I am meant to be xmas shopping this week so 3 for 2 will come in handy for picking up some bits for my friends prezzies!

    Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot

  8. hahaha! the same thing happened to me in Superdrug! Really wanted the Rose Gold Sleek blush, but couldn't find, then asked the assistant who gave me the terrible news that it was only limited edition! But before I broke down in the aisle she found the last one hidden away in the back! yay! can't wait to post about it, but in this weather, the pics are coming out rubbish! :( ooo I need that highlighter in my life!

    Aysh xoxo

  9. I really wanna make use of this offer and get sleek products! sleek never has 3 for 2 offers so i've been waiting so long for superdrug to have this offer :)
    thanks x

  10. OMG. I'm so jealous! (Don't think those products are sold in the US). I would love those face stuff =)

  11. I'm loving rose gold unfortunately i can't purchase sleek as i live in the states.

  12. Good old Superdrug bringing in the bargains! I will have to check this one out!!

    Love J.

  13. I absolutely love these! i still don't have them but soon soon... I plan to do a review this month, meanwhile check my other reviews and beauty tips on my blog. Hope you like them!

  14. I always skip past Famous but I might have to slow down when I walk past next time and give the range more of a look. It normally catches my eye because of the really bright eye shadow colours, but that's about it. Always love 3 for 2s! Exciting!

  15. Those blushes are GORGEOUS!
    The Sue Moxley powder is so so so pretty! You're right, it does look like something from MAC.. as if it could come from their mineralized line or something : D


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