24 November 2010

Video Smideo

After two days of trying to upload a video on here, I had to give in and do it via youtube.It probably wont last long on there so if you haven't seen it, hop over HERE and take a look. Its gone now, but thanks to those who took a peek and left me some lovely comments.

Some of you may be thinking why has it gone.....?? well I feel so uncomfortable on youtube, I defo think blogging is my thang!

My post shall resume tomorrow as normal. Things have been a tad hectic lately, but Iv got something good for you that will tie into the up coming party season nicely....

My spark is definitely back!!!!


  1. heya hun, just watched your video, loved it! aww please do more! :) I seriously need to get my hand on one of those brushes!! Do you think Superdrug will still have them?? and lmao @ the Umbero Giannini comment!! ;)

    Aysh xoxo

  2. @Aysh aww thanks. They should have the brushes,I don't see why they wouldn't do

  3. I didn't see the vid would you fill me in on the brush please honey x

  4. @the beautiful blog If you keep scrolling down my page you will see the brush and all its details within the post about mac face and body, I believe the post is called 'bargain brush and my new love' .x


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