30 November 2010


No I'm not being self absorbed, I'm talking about MeMeMe Cosmetics. They have revamped their whole brand and introduced a rainbow of new nail polish shades to their collection.

Four of the shades from left to right:80 Impulsive -a bright yellow mustard (not for the faint hearted) , 83 proud- Khaki green, 58 Indulgent- a light grey and 79 Patient- a red wine
I must admit I am a fan of these shades (not so much the bright yellow)with the grey being my fave. The polish is the right consistency to achieve an even finish after 2 coats.

They are marketed as quick dry high gloss, I would definitely agree with the quick dry part but the 'gloss' is borderline matte (nothing a top coat cant fix)

Also, as most of you probably know I don't do messy when it comes to nails lol, and the pictures above actually make me shudder. The reason being.......the brush inside these polishes is too wide and way too square. This means you cant get the perfect shape when you push the polish towards your cuticle, and you have to start angling the brush which is just a pain *sigh*

Aside from that its all good

You can pick up MeMeMe from Superdrug or their site which is HERE RRP £4.50

I'm actually eyeing up a few more shades to add to my never ending nail polish collection. Have any of you tried these?


  1. i love grey as well, Superdrug have this 3 for 2 offer so i might buy a few of those x

  2. they all look like nice shades :)

  3. Your new on my radar.. have to say I LOVE your blog :)

  4. Khaki green seems worth a try ;)


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