11 November 2010

Hey Fatty Balm Balm.....

Eyeko have recently released their new and improved fat balms. Available in 4 scented flavours- toffee, raspberry, frosting, minty, strawberry and cherry they are in fact 2 products in one, as they can be used on the cheeks as well as the lips for a light flush of colour. I have got my mitts on toffee, the most natural shade....

with this fat balm being on the nude side, it is very wearable on the lips as well as the cheeks. I apply a little to my cheekbones for a subtle dewy finish.

Eyeko fat balms also contain an spf of 15 and jojoba oil to help protect your lips as well as keep them nourished.

These balms are priced at £6 each, you can check out the other shades on their site HERE and for swatches of frosting and minty check out pearls and poodles latest post HERE

Are any of you loving the fat balms, whats your flavour?



  1. ooh, that's very pretty! and the name fat balm is slightly amusing :p

  2. I love that colour! Almost like a nude lippy! :)

    Kaushal xx

  3. very pretty colour ! was it tasting like toffee?

  4. @Marilou I just licked it lol and it does : )

  5. I just ordered one of these but can't remember what colour ha x

  6. @legseleven7 yay, and exuse me lady lol why have u ust vanished.x

  7. This post is very tempting!:D

    Thank you for the swatches.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. Oh I love the swatch on your hand, such a pretty shade! :) I don't know why, but I find their name (fat balm) cute hehe :)


  9. Ohh hun im so glad you posted this I LOVE THIS! Nude lips or "frosty" colors are my favorite, Im pretty sure ill be getting this soon! : )

  10. Hi sorry I can't find this lip balm on the internet, where can I buy it? :( I live abroad (Italy) so I can only buy it online..

  11. Hi, I included links within the post but since this post (ss its quite old) the company have rebranded and dont sell it anymore. your best bet is to hit ebay or google


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