25 October 2010

A Quick Word Of Advice

Blogging has changed so much since I started out. And I think we all get the jist of what im on about.So I will leave you with this....

Blog because you love it, not because you want followers and a so called "freebie" It ruins it for those who started a blog because they had a passion for something.

EDIT: Someone not so smart just tried to spam their blog link only beneath this post . I already did a post for people to freely post their links, and this is not it.Bless the poor girl, she must of felt a little shame when she realised I have comment moderation. I wont bother name and shame,because she will be getting exactly what she wants. Its just sad she couldnt take a little advice from this post and the comments below. Ooh wait, let me end this with a ;-) it seems she likes those.

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  1. Here here :) big love! <3 xx

  2. I agree, when I started out (Which was only a year ago mind) I didn't know about 'freebies' and only just knew what a follower was!
    Those two aspects are bonuses but if they were taken away, I would with a doubt, still blog.

  3. Totally agree with this, actually wrote a whole rambling post on your exact point this week!

    Fee x

  4. @savvy I loved ur post,but had to do this as I had a small rage within lol.x

    @All glad im not the only one that feels this way.x

  5. Yessss! Down with the new wave of blogging!

  6. I so agree with that. Blog with your heart's content!

  7. Oh shame..this post just made me LOL, literally!

  8. Totally agree, I always thought blogging should be about OPINIONS not freebies, that's why I read them and that's why I write them!

  9. As a kinda newbie (under a year) I know what you mean. I don't blog for followers (would be nice to have more but it's the way it goes) and dont' blog for freebies.
    I blog because I'm a complete hair geek and love helping people, and writing about hair, if no one reads it or comments then I'm still happy it's out there.

    Great post. xx

  10. That's how I started blogging, because of my new found passion for skincare and makeup and beauty products =) My friends said it'll be just a hobby that I'll get over in no time, I said it's a passion that does not die. I blog because I like it. Hi 5!!

  11. Too right! I really don't like people who are obviously just blogging for the freebies.

    It also annoys me when someone comments, but doesn't really say anything... like just a few words then leave their blog link. It's like... wow, you obviously only commented to promote your blog, not because you have something to say about my post.

    If people are actually giving their opinion, then that's all fair, leave your link but if you're doing it for more followers... on your bike you go!

  12. Hi girls I'm new to this so please can someone explain it a bit more, I'm not sure what the girl did wrong? I leave comments on other blogs using my blog name is this wrong?

  13. @The Beautiful Blog:Theres no right way or wrong way when it comes to blogging,but I personally cant stand people that deliberately spam my page or people that say 'follow me and I will follow you, In my opinion thats not what blogging is about.xx

  14. Oh right yeah the follow me follow you thing is rubbish I only want people who are interested in my blog to follow it, but I still don't understand the spam thing what exactly is spam? I am probably being a bit dim but I would appreciate the explanation lol x

  15. @the beautiful blog lol spam is just pasting ur blog link anywhere and everywhere, its usually placed alone in the comments bar or some people that haven't really read the post at all will usually put 'nice ' then their blog link ie

    some peoples setting could be set to automatically add their blog link, but i can tell which ones are spammers and which ones are not.x


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