1 October 2010

Models Own Car Key Collection

Models own have recently launched their new autumn/winter shades.Their new 'car key' colkection bears a clear resemblance to the chanel 'khaki colletion' but at a more affordable price.

The collection comprises of 3 beautiful autumn shades.

Purple Ash- Vintage dusky rose
Becca Brown- Dusky beige hue
Grace Green- Mossy pastel green

I got my hands on 2 of the shades from the collection

And today im sporting Grace Green

I absolutely love it,I've never found fault with models own,as you have probably seen in previous posts.Lovely formula,and one coat with this shade was enough surprising.But I always use 2 for good measure.

I cant wait to get my hands on purple ash.

Available exclusively from 6th October in Boots stores nationwide,and from the 13th

Whats your favourite shade from the collection?
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  1. I've never tried anything from them, but this green nail polish looks lovely on you! :)

  2. Hey sweetie

    YAHHH it worked lol

    So on that note, LOVE EM really want them all. Models Own is is def one of my fave brands

    t xx

  3. These are nice colors and it's great that they are cheaper than the Chanel nail polishes!:D

    I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. @marie Yay,thanks for joining me,hope you like what you see.x

  5. I like it. You have such pretty nails!

  6. i wish i had access to models own! i've heard awesome things about their nail polish. and car key? so clever :p

  7. I crave these!
    Especially the green, gorgeous!
    Can't wait till they come out in the shops :) x

  8. @vexinthecity why thank you luvvy.x

    @danni check their site,im sure they ship to different places.x

    @lauren me neither,I really like the look of the colour I dont have,lol.x


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