8 September 2010

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick

I was recently invited to attend the Nars pop up shop in selfridges,to be introduced to their latest range exclusive to oxford street until the 1st of October.

Im not a lover of lippie,as I can never find a shade that suits me *sobs* but as they were colour matching us to the perfect shade,I felt there was nothing to lose.

So up top are the 6 matt shades,sorry if its slightly out of focus.
NOT in order,the shades are:
Versuvio- Full Bodied Red
Tashkent- Nude Beige
Volga- Deep aubergine Bangkok-Soft Rose
Terre de feu - Black Cherry
Tonkin- Cinnamon Plum
I was also told each lippie contains vitamin E,acai oil and mango butter,to keep lips moisturised and conditioned.Which is great,because nobody wants overly dry matte lips.

After a little chat about my fear of lipstick,I was matched to Tonkin,a cinamon plum that was perfect for everyday wear.I was shocked at how well it suited me,It was like my lips but better.

Upon leaving we were given our shade to take home.I was rather peeved I forgot to pick up the lip liner used on me,so hunted out a dupe which cost me £2.99 (thanks rimmel)
In the swatch above Tonkin (L) Liner (R)

I will eventually have some picks up of me wearing this,but right now I look a mess,so lets swiftly move on from that.....

My thoughts: I have never tried a matte lipstick before,the word matte immediately makes me think drying,but these are the total opposite.My lips didnt feel or look dry at all.I also think that the finish on these isnt overly matte,they have a slight softness about them.

Although there is only 6 shades in the range,theres definitely one to suit all.

Pure matte is exclusive selfridges until the 1st of october,after which,will be available in all stores.

Price £18

So what do you girlies think,have you picked up any of these yet?
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  1. I'm surprised they are not drying! My experience with matte lispsticks have never been very positive. I'll check those out!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  2. I love Matte lipsticks. Will definately be hunting these bad boys down x x


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