12 September 2010

Mission aborted....

I was on a mission,a beauty mission,a mission that would leave me with longer stronger lashes in just 30 days.All I was armed with was this....

Rimmels new Lash Accelerator mascara

With claims that this could instantly make lashes appear 80% longer as well as helping to strengthen,renew and nourish lashed, due to its unique grow lash complex.I was sold,especially if I was going to have the said 117% longer fuller lashes in just 30 days.

So to get the best from this mascara you need to use it everday,which I did.

Its a nice mascara to apply,and it definitely lengthened my lashes after a couple of coats.

The brush is long and slightly curved,which allows you to catch all lashes in one sweep.I also like that its a fibre brush,as im not a fan of the plastic ones that are floating around.

Once aplied lashes aren't left feeling crispy,and its easy to remove.

I started this mission with an open mind,but sadly had to abort.After 8 days of usage my lashes started falling out.I carried on,and tried to ignore it,but after 10 days I aborted! the fall out was getting stupid,and I can already see my lashes are thinner than usual and looking rather sparse. :-(

(I would usually insert a picture of my lashes here,but their in hiding)

On the plus side,when my lashes fell out,they were definitely looking longer than usual.....

Its just a pitty I couldnt carry on.

This was my individual experience with this product.What may not work for me,may work for others,and vice verser.

Have any of you tried this yet?

And if any of you know of any mascaras that offer amazing volume (not maybeline ones) please let me know,my lashes need you.....
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  1. ouch thats horrible! I would be annoyed/upset if that happened to me! Good Job you aborted, you might not have had any lashes left at the end x

  2. @onna In well anoyed,iv just smothered my lashes in the loreal serum -_-

  3. Oh no! Maybe you could complain to Rimmel? Safe to say this is one lash growth product I won't be using! Hope your lashes are absolutely gorgeous when they grow back though :) x

  4. The promises this product makes are definately still very tempting, 117%! I'm not mathmatician but that's a lot of lashes!

    I've seen some other reviews but this is the first negative one. But then again I haven't seen any which have gone for the full 30 days yet because it's so new. Think I'll wait to see if anyone else has any falling out issues by the end of the 30 days before I use it myself...

    Good read though!

  5. Noooooo.

    Omg I'm sorry to hear this. At least you stopped and didn't continue for the next 20days.

    You might of had an allergic reaction to something. I'm always skeptical with things that promise rapid growth but it never stops me trying.

    Yet I just resort to false lashes a lot.
    Ahhh I do hope you find something that works for you personally :) xo

  6. oh no! It's funny I've heard so many mixed things about lash growth stimulators, some people have amazing results and some people lose lashes =0/
    Hope they grow back quickly dude xxx

  7. I definately won't be buying this mascara :( xxx

  8. oh dear thats not good , i wanted to try this but you have me a little anxious now xx

  9. I won't be buying this then! You should complain and see what you can squeeze out of them (products..) ;)


  10. @ nicoletta still try it even though my posts off putting.Something in it just didnt agree with me.x

    @Sophie LOL,I cant blame them for a reaction,something just didnt agree with me.xx

  11. i was going to try this, gonna give it a miss now!
    have you tried maxfactor false lash effect? i swear by it!!

  12. @harpreet yes but only the waterproof one and I hated it,maybe i should try the non waterproof.x

  13. Eeek! I bought this on Friday and am now getting a bit nervous! I'd seen a couple of similar reviews for RapidLash so avoided that, but this is the first negative I've seen for Rimmel. Hmm, I'll be proceeding with caution on this one!

    Rach x

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    xoxo Aneela


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