14 August 2010

E45 Endless Moisture

Im the first to admit that when moisturising my body,I kind of neglect my legs.So a cream that could provide long lasting moisture could be the weapon against neglect my legs need.

E45 say this cream provides long lasting moisture and protection against water loss,basically meaning when you moisturise in the morning,your skin is still as moisturised in the evening.It is also meant to help replenish lost moisture.

As well as that,you may have spotted the word 'RADIANCE' on the bottle.Ahhh im such a sucker for pretty words.

This cream also contains a slight shimmer that leaves your skin with a sheen type glow,which may I add looks so pretty when paired with a tan.

Onto my thoughts:I have been using this cream for some time now and it does help lock in the moisture.The reason I know this is because usually come night time my legs are quite dry,and once I started using this that problem went away.

I will keep using it as I love the radiance it leaves on the skin.It also allows me to be lazy on the odd night when it comes to moisturising.

Endless moisture is available from near enough anywere.I cant remember the price,its around the £2 (something) mark.But I do remember its on deal in superdrugs at the moment.

Are any of you fans of E45?
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  1. I havnt tried any e45 products, but this is tempting me, because I never really take care of my legs either, they are so neglected and always dry, this seems like its for me! Thanks for the review! x

  2. i'v been tempted to buy this for a while but never read many reviews on it, i might have to get myself some now!
    aimee x

  3. Sounds sweet! Wonder if I get can get E45 in Norway...

  4. i would love to try that!



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