14 August 2010

Dip It And Twist It

Ooh 2 post from me in one day you lucky lot,I may have tomorrow as my day off lol.

I bought this the other day at superdrug because well,I felt I needed something for those lazy days.

Basically what it is,is a spongy type material drenched in nail varnish remover.

All you have to do to get your nail polish off.....dip your finger in,and twist then your done.

What shocked me most is the fact that this actually worked,and removed every trace of polish without leaving my nail bed or fingers dry.

Its definitely the quick and easy alternative to the usual cotton pad and remover.Also good to carry around for those on the go paint jobs.

Do any of you own this teeny pot of genius?

available from superdrug,cant remember the price *slaps head* but im pretty sure it was under £3.
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  1. ooh looks good! i wonder how long it lasts? and could you put your own remover in when you're done? x

  2. @sophie,thats a good question,only time will tell lol.When it eventually dries out,il pour some more remover in and see what happens.x

  3. wow that's cool, does that makes your skin dry or anything? i'm afraid of the effects.
    thanks for posting anyway!! great ideas


  4. this is amazing! i definitely need this pot in my life. don't know if this (or any equivalent) is available in canada but i'm sure gonna look everywhere for it!


  5. that is really weird, but quite cool. I need a pot of this..

  6. wow! sounds too good and its under three quid?

  7. that sounds great. I've seen them before but never paid any attention to it. I'll give it a try next time. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Ahhh this is really good news - I reviewed the Sally Hansen Kwik Off version of this which is around £3-£4 but the problem is you can only find it in TK Maxx or on Ebay.

    So it's great that you can get this version in Superdrug.
    In my review I mentioned about how good it was at removing nail polish but especially glittery nail polish!
    So would love to know if this is the case with this one too.

    As for how long it will last....I'd say alot longer than a bottle of nail polish remover if I was to go on how long my SH one is lasting.

    Fee x

  9. I own this little pot but it usually only lasts removing around 5 manicures then it just goes all yucky but I do LOVE it dearly :)

  10. Hi hun, I tagged you in my latest post

  11. @legseleven7 oh thanks check it out now.x


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