9 August 2010

Avon Lotus Shield

If You hate frizz like you do marmite *shudder* then this could be for you.When it comes to frizz,come rain or shine my hair seems to think its her best mate,Iv been trying to make her realise for so long that frizz isnt a good friend and she wants to go down the sleek road,but she just isnt having it! Maybe a shield will work???
Avon Lotus shield is a Avons hair care product from the advanced techniques range.

When this product is applied to clean damp hair,it helps form an invisible shield to block out humidity to prevent the dreaded FRIZZ!

The consistancy of this product is in between a cream and a serum,not too thick but not too watery,It smells quite nice as well.Its easy to control the amount of product u want as it comes out of a nib.Which is actually a good thing because if you squeeze too much out your screwed,because your not getting it back in there....

The first time I used this,I do think I used a bit much,as my hair felt a bit weird.I cant explain but lets put it this way,I washed my hair again.

2nd time around I feel I got it right.It left my hair smooth and it did fight the frizz.All considering,I just dont think this product is for my type of hair.After a few days my hair started to look flat and Im pretty sure I could feel a residue.I would think this would be more suited to a European hair type *that is not me* so I shall be passing it onto mother for her to review..

Aside from that I do think think it would have been better if you could apply this to dry hair as well as wet,as I cant wash my type of hair frequently enough to reap the benefits of this.

All in all this is not for me,but we shall see what the mum thinks.Im feeling this could be good for her.

60ml bottle is £7.00 available from Avon

Have any of you tried this,or could you recommend any other frizz fighters I could try?
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  1. just curious, what is a "european hair type?"

    since my hair is wavy/curly, i don't like to weigh it down with too many products and i find serums/products that fight frizz do that. so i always just use a finishing cream after to wake the stubborn bits down.

    this product sounds interesting though, great review!


  2. haha i love marmite ;) anyways i totally know what you mean about this product, I got a sample and I mustve used too much, had to wash it again the next day, it went kind of stringy and not greasy as such but when you touched it you could tell there was product on it. Is that what you experienced? x

  3. @sophie YES exactly that,you hit the nail on the head lol.x

    @dani More of a easy to work with hair type,think cheryl cole lol,its hard to explain but if you google it you will see what I mean.

  4. hi i made the same mistake with too much too! i think it seems ok but will have to use it a bit longer to really get a feel for it, i have used it on dry hair and find it works quite well also. i must say that one of the very best treatments i have found for friz is pure coconut oil which is very cheap and really moisturises the hair (dry hair being the main cause of friz) its the best thing i have found.

  5. @anon i really want pure coconut oil,where did u get yours.x

  6. they sell it in superdrug really cheaply in a little white pot near the dry shampoos, you will need to use a generous handful of shampoo to was it out but it really works as it actually is absorbed by the hair i hope it works as well for u as it does for me :)


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