20 July 2010


When I attended TBS event we were informed of their new campaigne that would launch this month.Well im here to tell you it has now launched and by taking a few minutes out of your day,you could be helping to stop sex trafficking amongst children and young people.

Theres a couple of different ways you can do this,either by purchasing the soft hands kind heart hand cream,or signing the petition(which takes literally 10 secs to sign).But lets be real,I want you to do both.

All you need to know is as follows....

Discover the NEW special edition, “Soft Hands Kind Heart” hand cream to launch the second year of The Body Shop campaign with ECPAT to“Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People”. The campaign stretches across the globe, offering us a chance to end the greatest human rights abuse of the 21st century affecting children in every country in the world Soft Hands, Kind Heart Hand Cream (RRP: £3.50*) is a protective hand cream that leaves your hands silky soft to the touch, and with its non-greasy formula it sinks into your skin to moisturise and condition £2.36* is donated directly from each purchase to ECPAT as part of The Body Shop ‘Stop Sex Trafficking of Children & Young People th campaign,which launched in the UK on 15 July.

Celebrity Supporters: The campaign has already secured a raft of high level support from the UK and beyond with stars such as Rob Lowe, Matt LeBlanc, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Joanna Lumley, Yoko Ono, Naomi Campbell, Sir Ben Kingsley and Martine McCutcheon all submitting handprints to support the campaign and petition.

About The Campaign: This year a petition calling for the UK Government to offer safety and wellbeing to young victims of trafficking launches specifically calling for greater care and protection to child victims of trafficking by ensuring every child is provided with a guardian to look after them.A system of guardianship would mean that every child victim of trafficking would have someone with parental responsibility to care and support them.A guardian would protect each child and prevent them from facing further exploitation and harm from their traffickers

How Can you Help?:

1. Sign the petition at any The Body Shop store or online at

2.Spread the word – join the Facebook group(Stop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People), or follow @ECPATUK and@TheBodyShopUK on Twitter and change your profile picture to your handprint or hand in the ‘stop’ position to show you’ve signed the petition and supported the campaign

3.Buy the hand cream – all proceeds** from the sales of The Body Shop ‘Soft Hands, Kind Hearts’ hand cream (50ml/ RRP: £3.50) goes to ECPAT to support their projects in this

So what are you waiting for girls.Head to the body shop site or your local store and sign the petition,and purchase some hand cream.It takes a few minutes of your time to make a big difference.

Once youve signed the petition let me know below,I want to see a nice round figure. You all raised awareness about the latest Mac collection,lets do the same for this.


  1. Very true, a good example of a brand using a product to raise awareness for something important.

  2. Great post for a wonderful cause. I signed the petition at my local Boots last week with several of my friends and we all bought the hand cream. This is such an important issue, and I hope it gets as much blog attention as the Juarez/MAC/Rodarte issue.

  3. I signed the petition & also did a blog post on the subject.

  4. i haven't signed the petition yet because the canadian site doesn't have it up yet, but i'll be sure to do it once it's up.

    this is an important cause for me because i was born in a third world country where sex trafficking is still an issue. thanks for spreading the word!


  5. great post...i'll definitely sign the petition after this post. thank you.


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