31 July 2010

No Pain Is Gain!

So on my shopping list this week was some kind of waxing strips.I wasnt to sure where I was going to go with this as I will usuallyick up anything.

I went into Superdrug and as per usual I picked up anything.To my amazement I made a great discovery... Thanks veet!

When I got home I started to wax away without paying any attention to the box.Whilst I was waxing I was thinking to myself "wow this doesnt even hurt." Then I thought maybe its because the wax doesnt look like wax.

Im not sure how well you can see this,but its more of a cream looking wax.

So anyway,after I had finished I looked at the box and realised it was actually a soothing wax kit.It also said on the box,3 steps to waxing without an OUCH! Iv totally missed something! Hmmm I had waxed my legs and used the seriously moisturising after care wipes,so what had I missed out? Theres also cooling pre-wipes to prepare the skin (oh man) this is why I need to read things BEFORE I use them....

So back to the reason im doing this post.If you wax your legs,this kit is a must because it actually doesnt hurt.Obviously you can feel something,but its not pain.And my legs werent left looking red or sore either.

As I said,I didnt get a chance to use the pre wipes but the after care ones are so moisturising.So much so,I used one to wipe both legs and it was still infused with moisture.

I will definitely be purchasing this again once it runs out RRP £2.99 kit includes 32 strips 16 large & 16 medium,3 pre-wipes and 3 post-wipes

Are any of you lovers of wax,have you tried this yet?
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  1. I've been looking for a set of decent wax strips as my epilator seems to have lost itself and I'm a wuss when it comes to pain so these seem ideal.


  2. wow, fab review im gonna see if i can find these!

    Lu xo

  3. i've tried loads of at-home hair removal kits and i have not found a single one that works for me :(

    then again, my hair is kind of... shall we say, stubborn? VERY stubborn. i think having it professionally removed is the way to go.


  4. wowee are you serious? im a bit wary of waxing ever since I decided to wax my arm hair with gone off wax. . .do you usually feel pain with waxing? or have you got a low pain threshold? xx

  5. @sophie I usually have pain when waxing to the point were I have to psych myself up to rip the strip off lol.This is def the best Iv used.x

  6. Oh i'm so glad you did this review, cause i've been looking for a home wax kit for ages - I bought this stuff... can't remember what it's called and it was TERRIBLE. I'll try this out though :D

  7. great heads up, thanks - literally planning to go to boots on tues to buy some wax strips xx

  8. Hmm this sounds very interesting wondering how it works in the bikini area lol

  9. Never waxed as I'm too scared to but I'm kind of interested in this now...:)

  10. Really, I tried it and didnt think it was all that great. What did I miss, apart from coverage

  11. cool, i wish i could have it back here in my hometown :(


  12. Hey that kit sounds great....check out my blog

  13. @Expensive pink LOL I may be brave and test it for you.x

    @pixelhazard I don know hun :-( everyones different.What works well for others may not for you,and the other way round.x

    @vdcouture Oh no,im sure you could find it online somewhere.x

  14. they sound good and at 2.99 why not!

  15. great review, next time i'm in superdrug i'm going to pick some of these up :) x thanks x


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