5 July 2010

Help Clear Skin

So this is a post for those that may suffer from acne.I have never suffered myself,but I have known people that have,so have a mild understanding off what its like.I was recently sent an email about a product called "Help clear skin" a 100% natural food suppliment that is proven to help clear acne in just 6 weeks.

I asked to be sent a before and after picture of someone that has used the product,just so you could get a better idea of the results.



These results are after 4 weeks,and here is what the user had to say

“I have been suffering from acne since about the age of 15, especially with spots on my back which were really big, inflamed and sore and they made me feel self conscious. I had used herbal remedies as well as medication prescribed by the doctor and nothing worked until I used help: clear skin. It is great because I started seeing an effect after about two weeks on my face first and then on my back. My spots are totally clearing and there is no redness or soreness now & I am only half way through my course. The help: clear skin sachets are tasteless and easy to remember to take and I would definitely recommend to anyone suffering from acne. "

I personally think,by looking at these images,that the results are quite amazing.If you are a sufferer of acne and you are interested in this product,you can check out the main site HERE

and purchase the product from HERE.

There is a trial pack available at £14.79 whick includes 14 sachets,and a 30 day pack for £49.99 with 60 sachets,with the 30 day pack you also get 10 extra sachets free.You also get free delivery on both products.

If you have already used this,let me know how you goton,or if you havnt used it,will you be checking it out?



  1. I have been testing these out on my blog and think they don't work. But maybe I havn't tried them long enough.

  2. Ahhhh the price, bargain if it works, rip off if it doesn't!!

  3. I can't see how these work though? Aren't spots caused due to hormones and oil? How could a sachet change that.. x

  4. eep im testing this out too :)
    fingers crossed it is a success! :)


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