26 July 2010

E.L.F Mineral Glosses

The other day I was bored and felt like spending money for no reason what so ever.So I turned to the eyes lips face site to take that case of boredom away.

I ordered two brushes and two mineral glosses in shades Wild and Darling as I noticed they were new colours.

Wild is a pinky-coral colour (pictured right) And Darling is a raspberry esq red.

These glosses are ideal for those that are not lovers of lippie as the colour is noticable but sheer when applied.But for those who are lovers,whack a nude shade under these for maximum colour impact.

Priced at a reasonable £3.00 these handy tubes are good to carry around for touch ups on the go,they are not sticky and they last.

I must say im loving Wild at the moment on top of a bit of Nude Delight.

And no im not being rude lol,blame the names.

Have any of you tried these yet?
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  1. I haent tried anything from elf but i want to now :)

  2. @onna you should,if you order early morning it usually comes the next page,plus they are aways doing some kind of offer on their fb page.x

  3. I keep meaning to try out the elf products but never get round to it... next day delivery is really good because I HATE waiting for things to come in the post!

    Were the brushes any good??

    Sami xx

  4. @sammi I ordered the face brush and powder brush from the studio range.Defo worth it,so soft and they apply make up really well.Im going to order the fan brush next.x

  5. Looks really pretty! Both shades look really nice and is totally something I'd wear!

  6. The Wild looks lovely, i have a few nail polishes and i really like the mineral blushers & lipsticks. x

  7. very pretty but lil dark for me...i am crazy about the light shades..

  8. The both look so pretty and wearable! x

  9. I like both of those a lot! By the way I really like your banner, too cute!



  10. haven't got round to trying elf production yet but they are defo on my list! glad you thought the brushes would good as it can be hard to find good brushes (that are cost effective!) xx


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