25 July 2010

Bloom Gradual Face Tanner

was recently sent some bloom products to try,so I thought rather than shove them all in one post that I would do seperate mini reviews.I have aways wanted to try out Bloom but never got round to it.I can now say after trying out a few of there products,theres definitely a few id purchase myself.Not so much this one though.

So kicking off my Bloom series with the gradual tanner,or should I say face cream! I could some up this product  with a 4 letter word that begins with 'C' and ends with 'P',but Il be a good blogger and explain a bit more.

The cream itself is rather nice,it contains an spf of 15,as well as aloe vera and sweet almond oil.It smells nice and dries quickly.It didnt cause my sensitive skin any trouble either.

So whats my problem I hear you ask.....

Well I used this product for a clean 2 weeks,and my face looked the same,but slightly yellow.I know its GRADUAL tanner but are they taking the mick! I could of went outside and got a real tan in that time.If I had bought this I would have been very disappointed.It isnt cheap either retailing at £14.

If your looking for a gradual tanner,this isnt the way to go. Unless your going for a mild simpson look.

On the up side I have positive thoughts on the other products,especially their mascara,so look out for those reviews coming up soon.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.x


  1. I will most definitely heed the warning! Very disappointing, especially for £14, that's high end prices for a face tanner!x

  2. Maybe 'tan' is code word for yellow? Or perhaps yellow is next season's colour, and they're just being ahead of the trends!

    Yeah. I didn't think so either. xD

  3. @Ruth @ I Want To Make Up: Lmao could u imagine

  4. @StellieStellina: I know,I personally think its a bit over priced.

  5. Ohh its very sad that despite being expensive it is not of much use.


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