19 June 2010

This cant be happening!

I have always been a lipgloss lover,and last year I became a lipstick lover too.

But a few months back something very random happened to me.I got rather addicted to my florabundance lipglass,and was using it near enough every day.After about a week and a half of using it,I came up with this random dry patch on my top lip.So I whipped out my carmex, as Id never had anything like this happen to me before,in hope that id be ok by the morning.

No no no no,the dryness turned into soreness,so I ditched the gloss,and the carmex because for some strange reason that was making it worse.(theres cleary something wrong here)Was it me,did I do something wrong,am I being punished by the lipgloss gods?

To cut a long story short,I started using my natural crazy rumours balm everday,day and night and whenever I was seeing the horrid flaking.

Eventually after 2 weeks my lips were back in their normal state.I waited another week until I started putting anything other than lip balm on them,just to be on the safe side.

The day eventually came.I wanted a nude lip and nothing was going to stop me.Nude delight in hand,my lips were beautiful in less than 10 seconds.Then what happened,2hrs later my lips started coming up with dry patches!WTF

Since then Iv repeated the healing process a number of times and tried my other glosses and lipsticks.No matter what im trying ,my lips are drying out and crusting over like a scene out of a horror movie.

Have I randomly become allergic to lipstick and gloss?I better not have,although It really does seem that way.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Do exuse me whilst I roll to the side and cry into my pillow :-(


  1. Oh dear that sounds awful!! I've never heard of such a thing... I hope it's just temporary... x

  2. @lucie.lovely.cupcake: so do I :-(

  3. omg that is gonna tweet you.

  4. I know its weird but I've had allergic reactions to things that I was previously fine with! I hope this doesn't last forever for you! It will be so sad :( xxx

  5. Oh no!!!! I hope it's nothing permanent and just a cause of season or weather =( I do hope it gets better soon!!

  6. I get really dry, flakey lips when I wear lipstick and some glosses. Sometimes it clears up easily but other times I can only wear lip balm for a few days. It happens in any weather but is worse in the winter. I haven't found a solution.

  7. i find that florabundance makes my lips peel like crazy after about an hour of wearing it but not other products :/

    you should try clinique all about lips to slough off any dead bits before you put lipstick on, its a miracle worker!

  8. i just tried to do a comment but it wouldnt work argh! anyhoo, florabundance always makes my lips go all gross and peely after wearing it for about half an hour or so.

    try clinique all about lips before you wear anything, tis a miracle worker!

    also, maybe you had an infection or something and it spread to your other glosses? x

  9. Oh no that sounds terrible, I hope it's temporary and goes away soon :(

  10. @Emma: it worked lol.I think it was forabundance,because I was fine before,will defo look out for the clinique thing.x

  11. aww, I don't use lip products as my lips are naturally quite dry, so I feel your pain xx

  12. My lips are always dry and are on the large side. I need to exfoliate them!!! I post would be wonderful if you ever find the solution to perfectly moisturized lips!!

  13. @Just Making it Up: my lips r fine now,fingers crossed they stay that way.Iv just been using a natural lip balm,maybe you should try one out too.xx

  14. Glad they are ok - if it does happen again try 8 hour cream (the cream not the lip treatment) in my experience it is a miracle worker - the corners of my mouth were cracking all the time and I used this, it hasn't happened again for about 8 months

    C x

  15. @chiconomy: ooh thanks for the tip.xx

  16. @chiconomy: ooh thanks for the tip.xx

  17. wow! I can't believe that. Maybe your lips got a reaction from the ingredients.
    I use lip gloss on a daily basis like you and I have never had that happen.
    It could have been just a reaction. That is weird. Makeup has so many chemicals that it is hard to keep up with what you might be allergic too.
    That would be a terrible thing if you became allergic to lip gloss. JUST DONT SHARE THE GLOSS WITH NO ONE lol.


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