14 June 2010

'O' my god

As im still upoading things through my phone,it only lets me add one picture to my posts at a time(dry!)so iv picked the one thats a clear must see.

This will be the first of a couple posts,just to give you all a heads up and a little sneak peak.

I was one of 6 lucky bloggers to be invited to the cloud9 'O'  launch at the Dorchester hotel.

The 'O'  is a look into the future when it comes to heated rollers.

Ok,so what is it and how does it work?

The 'O' is a pod like device that heats up specially designed rollers in super speedy time.You simply pop your roller in the pod,you will then hear three beeps,and wa la....your roller will be heated to 135 degrees,hot enough for your hair and heated from the inside,the rollers are not at all hot to handle.Might I also add,the pod doesnt get hot at all,even after the rollers have been heated.Oh and it wont just beep for anything,it detects the rollers only.

The rollers arnt your usual heavy weight velcro snagging torture devises.They are very light weight and are covered in tiny combs to comb your hair,and keep it tangle free whilst your putting them in.They also stay in without the added fuss  of having to use clips or pins.

The perfect device for adding body and oomph to the hair,and its not just for long hair.Both hair models at the event had shoulder length hair,and the results were great.

TheO isnt available to buy just yet,but will be very soon.RRP £149.95,but if you cant wait until then,they are being used in a number of salons at the moment,John Frieda,Nicky Clarke and Urban Retreat just to name a few.

Until my next post (with loads more pics) check here to see it in action.... 

Let me know what you think girls.x


  1. I NEED to try this I think.... how much is it do you know?

  2. ohh wow, it sounds so cool!!! does it make nice curls in your hair or what?

  3. @Gina: @Gina: yes it does,iv got pictures but could only add one as my pc is still dead :-( they might be bringing out some triangle rollers to create waves.Check out pearlsandpoodles blog and 6inchstiletto,they have loads of pics.x


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