16 June 2010


Finally got my mitts on the bodyshop vitamin E spray,yay and I got it for £4 as my local bodyshop are giving out £3 vouchers,not to sure why,but hey every little helps.

Although I only picked it up today,being the keeno I am,iv used it twice already lol,and im liking it.It fits into my skin regime perfectly as im using everything Vitamin E at the moment.

Im going to pop it into the fridge now along side my face cream.Cool mists in the morning,I think so....

On a different note,im such a loser, I need to go back as my LOVE ETC perfume has run out! Why do I notice these things AFTER I've hit the shops.Ahhh well,just another exuse to go shoping again.

1 comment

  1. I recently re-purchased the Love Etc perfume - I love it. It smells amazing and is cheap compared to designer perfumes. x


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