2 May 2010

Skin And Bear It

I recently received an email about Jergens mini series that I thought might be of interest to some of you.See below for details.......

Jergens Naturals brilliant new online show Skin & Bare It which stars CH4 talent Anna Richardson and recently went across the web.

Here is a little bit of blurb about the show:

What would happen if you swapped your body care regime with someone else? Find out with Skin & Bare It, a new online show that puts the nation’s body care regime to the test and looks at it under the microscope whilst you watch the transformation.

Have any of you watched this yet,what did you think ?


1 comment

  1. That's very interesting! I'm a firm believer in natural products anyway, if I use chemical based I get all rashy and sore just like she did! xxx


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