4 May 2010

Reminder-Topshop Make up

Just a quick reminder ladies.The topshop make up is released in all larger stores tomorrow,as well as online.See my original post HERE, Which includes more images of the products up close,and what I thought about them.

Spring Summer Collection
Core Collection
I definitely have to get my hands on the limited edition collection highlighter.From just swatching it,I fell in love.

I have also got my eye on a few polishes and cream blushes.I must admit I kind of fell in love with everything : S

What have you got your eye on?


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  1. it's good to know they're available online since there aren't any topshops in vancouver (or canada for that matter).

    i've got my eye on the blushes, the lip products, and the nail varnishes. they look lovely!



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