20 May 2010


Im not really a huge fan of primark any more,I don't think its what it used to be.So if im ever near one,I will only try and find things im realistically going to wear,and that I think are worth the money.I popped in primark the other day,and I picked up a few items.

First up is this cute boobtube top/dress,whatever the wearer decides.I have decided im going to fold it under and wear it as a top,with some skinnies.It looks so cute on,and I like how the boobtube isn't cut straight across,its more of a heart shaped cut.

Price £5
Next up is this ring.Im really loving rings at the moment,so when I saw that this was only £2 of course I had to have it.

And last but not least,my wicker clutch.I have been eyeing this bag up for close to a year,but not in primark,it was a topshop one that cost around £20,so of course I wasn't going to just leave this one hanging on the rail.

This picture doesn't even do this clutch justice,Its made really well,and its quite big.This is definitely my favourite,if your ever in primark check this clutch out.
Price £6

To me primark is a bit like an Aladdin's cave,you have to find the little treasures,and these are mine.

Have any of you found anything nice in there lately?



  1. I LOVE the ring! I need to get it asap!

  2. ooo lots of cute things, me likey lots. May have to pop in there AGAIN tom lol xx

  3. Gorgous haul! That dress and bag are gorgeous! I need to get to primark!! x

  4. The top is cute but im not really a fan of the place. I prefer to pay more for something with a higher quality and a bit more unique :) Its good for throwaway things like socks and PJ's thou so credit where its due! xo

  5. Love the top. Love little boob tube type tops with skinnies. Very cute summer look!x

  6. I am a Primarni fan but I think recently their quality has decreased while their prices have crept up. But they are still extremely cheap compared to others.

    I love their accessories the most. and the ring you got is FAB x x x


  7. arghh faux-s/s2010-chanel clutches and cartier rings! amaze xx

  8. I completley agree with you, I went in Primark today and only got a few things yet I ad to search really hard for them! I dont like most of the stuff but some things are nice! I love that clutch bag really nice xx

  9. You KNOW I am loving that straw clutch! And only £6! So getting one.


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