5 May 2010

Herbal Essences-Beautiful Ends

I have never tried Herbal Essences before now.And if im honest,the only reason I picked these things up was because they were on offer for something stupid like £1.70.

If im remembering correctly there are four products in this range.I only picked up three,but there's also a hair mask.

So onto the good bit.I have only used the shampoo and conditioner a few times ans I already love it.I have probably said before,I need to be careful with what products I use in my hair,because a lot of things in the past have irritated my scalp.This does not irritate me in any way.It smells divine and I love its colour.

What the shampoo says :Heres the long story shortened,Ill help protect your hair against split ends and breakage.So,get lost in your length with my velvety formula with red raspberry & silk extracts.Want to give your hair an extra treat? Indulge yourself with my velvety conditioner and pampering treatments.

What the conditioner says: Longing for more?Let it out and indulge every inch with my velvety conditioning with red raspberry &silk extracts.Ill give your length protection against breakage and split ends. You've got longer hair to love,and I've got more love to give.How long will you go without touching it?If you love me,you will also love my intensive treatments.

I also picked up the split end protecting cream.This also smells lovely,and I near enough use this everyday.

A little bit of this product goes a long way.It leaves my hair looking soft and silky,and can be used on dry hair as well as towel dried hair.

The reason im blogging so randomly about shampoo and conditioner,Is because I have really noticed a difference in my hair.Its much stronger,silkier and shinier than usual.I have also noticed less hair in my hair brush *-*

I really would recommend trying a few things from this range.

It really has given me beautiful ends,as well as beautiful hair.



  1. thanks for the tip! my ends are not bad at the moment but they are a bit dry. i'll be on the lookout for this.


  2. Need to try this my hairs not in the best of conditions at the moment! XO

  3. I have used these since they first came out and I love them too!
    I am yet to try that cream though- may have to check that out!

  4. That protection cream looks good, is it like a heat protectant?? xx

  5. @Kerry.Im going to say its more of a conditioning thing rather than a heat protectant.x

  6. I love Herbal essences so definitely want to give this a try, great review x

  7. Ive never used this...but herbal essences seems to dry out my hair - sad times! x


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