8 May 2010

Fed Up Of Hair

Right so Im over having hair,unless its on my head.Im a lazy cow and frankly I cant be bothered with shaving,and waxing and removing hair from my legs with something that looks like a small piece of low grit sand paper.

Summer is coming,well at least im hoping.I want to be able to tan without waiting 24hrs because it might irritate my skin or I might end up with loads of little dots where the tanner has just sat in my hair follicle.Not only that,at times when I have shaved,I have come up with these random tiny bumps on my legs where my hair has tried to grow back through and failed miserably.

Im lucky I dont have thick or course hair,but the fact it can reappear when I have removed it is not on. You would have thought It would have got the hint by now.

The only way im going to stop moaning,is if the hair I dont want is zapped into another dimension never to be seen again.Only one thing can help me.

Hmm what might that be......

Laser hair removal of course.Its the only way im going to keep my legs smooth and free of those horrid little bumps.If you watch the short video above,you will see that this little machine called the ipulse can remove hair for good in the comfort of your own home.Im down with that,id rather do that kind of thing myself anyway.

The machine is currently sold in boots,and its on offer at the moment for £274.99.Now it may not sound cheap,but it is compared to an actual laser hair treatment that can cost around £120 - £320 for one session.

Im definitely going to look into this a bit more.Those crappy little bumps wont be stopping me from wearing skirts this year!

Who else is with me? It would be really embarrassing if know one was lol

Have any of you tried laser hair removal,or are you thinking about it? Let me know



  1. I would LOVE this! but its quite pricey but then again so is waxing... XX

  2. I SOO want to try this!!! Got no dosh!! Gonna have to start saving the pennies x

  3. I need this in my life, but it's not going to happen for a while, I'm absolutely skintaroo :( I'm thinking I might buy it with my returned rental deposit in July, but then I might aswell leave it and defuzz all winter and be perfect for next year.

  4. Looks like it would take a long time to do large area's.The surface seems very small.

  5. I always epilate, its alot quicker than this! This takes ages because you have to do tiny sections! Take a look at my blog for my post on epilating! x

  6. I just epilate and I suppose I'm lucky, but when I shave my legs, I don't get bumps and you can't see the roots - so it looks like they've been waxed. I want to try an electric razor - they just seem a lot cheaper than disposable and laser treatment too. Plus, laser hurts a lot - my sister got her pits done, haha, and she said some hairs grew back! - But barely, I suppose... still, I'll stick with epilating. :)

  7. I've been debating purchasing finishing powder.


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