11 May 2010

Fat Fat Fat Hair

The other day when I was clearing my room I found a dusty bottle of something that I once kind of loved,but at the time it wasnt really for me.What was it I hear you ask......Well it was Sammy fat hair of course.

I put it to one side and went about my business.

A few days later I found myself in the hair isle of superdrug.I had noticed that they had added more products to the Sammy hair range.I kind of just smiled to myself and jumped on the net when I got home to refresh my mind,and to find out what the new products did.

Anyway,to cut a long story short,I ended up watching a youtube video on the product I already had.......
Cut to 2min for the good stuff

After watching the video again and again in amazement,as if I hadn't seen it on the shopping channel enough.I decided to blow the dust off the casing,and have another crack at it.

Its a bit fatter haha....
Yes I know, I forgot to take a before picture,but either way im not going to lie to you.

Sammy fat hair claims to make each strand of hair double in size,hence the fat bit,to give you fuller and thicker looking hair.

This stuff is really good BUT I definitely think its more suited to European type hair.It does work in my hair but Im sure I could easily achieve the same effect with some hair spray and a wild head shake.Although it does make my hair look a bit thicker,and noticeably larger.

It doesn't leave hair sticky,but that depends on how much you use.Applying to much can leave a slight tackiness.But that's with my type of hair,I couldn't speak for every hair type.Your hair just feels like hair if you don't use too much,and the most important thing is that it can still move around like hair should.

This bottle is pretty old,so maybe they have changed the formula since then.I might pick up another bottle to test that theory.

I haven't tried anything else from the Sammy hair range,but if you go into a superdrug store you will see there's loads to pick from.

I cant remember the exact price but im sure its around £3-£4

Have any of you tried this,or do you just like watching that woman's hair grow in the video?

Either way let me know.Oh and if there's any other volumising products out there you swear by,let me know about those too.



  1. Wow, this looks amazing! And his song made me laugh, I'll be thinking of it as I use this! x

  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOW, I need this!
    Her hair looks beautiful!
    thanks for the reccommendation!

  3. I have it and I quite like it.. it sometimes makes my hair a bit hard to work with though.

  4. Hmm i've been looking for something to give my hair more of a boost ... might try that hmm.


  5. so so strange i was literally about to chuck my bottle of this out when i saw your pic on blog roll, will give it another go :)

  6. If it does what it says on the bottle, and for under a fiver, I'm sold!

  7. ohhhmygod, this looks amaze; i'm buying it

    i never believe darryl when he says he's on the phone to you, ahah xx

  8. Hi literally just started my blog and fat hair is the first range of products I have reviewed

    check it out please :)


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