4 May 2010

Chic Or Cheap

A few weeks ago I was sent the Lierac mask(right) which retails at £18.I was intrigued to try it for the pure fact I was always a fan of mud type masks.

I will get to what I thought of the mask in a sec,but for those of you that may not appreciate the price of this,keep your eye on the left hand side of the page.

Back in the day I was a big fan of superdrugs £2 mud face mask(left).Every week I would slap it on my face,then I would kick back and chill whilst it worked its magic.

I usually use these types of masks once a week.

If you can just about read the writing below,(If you cant right click and open it in a new tab.)Both of these products basically do the same thing.Although I must say the lierac one is better on a couple more levels.

As you can see below,after a while the superdrug one can get a little runny.(please note,this is an old bottle and the packaging has been changed since then,but for the life of me I couldn't find my newer bottle.)I still had the same issue with my newer bottle though.The Lierac one is a much nicer consistency.

They both have exfoliation beads in them,as you can see from the image above,and they both set to a hard mask.The good thing about the Lierac mask is that when its on your face,it actually starts chilling.I didnt even know it did this until I began to wonder why my face felt so cold.I literally ran from my room to read the leaflet,and was like ohhhhh ok!

On the flip side,the superdrug one doesn't chill itself,but I suppose you could pop it in the fridge.

I must say,I have used the superdrug mask for the closest part of 5years,and I have used the Lierac one for nearly 2months.

As soon as I switched to Lierac,I did notice a difference in my skin.Its smooth,and im sure im looking more radiant.(well id like to believe I am)

If you ever need a skin pick me up,you should definitely try the Lierac mask HERE Or If you dont like the price, try the superdrug one HERE its just as good.

Can any of you give me a heads up on any dupes,or products that are just as good as each other?



  1. I've used that raspberry mask before.... I do agree its actually quite nice but a little runny x

  2. I know,I even tried keeping mine in the fridge,but the same problem occurred : (


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