15 May 2010


No,I haven't turned into some kind of secret agent over night.I am rambling on about a rimmel lipstick I recently picked up.

As I stated in one of my previous posts.I picked up a Rimmel lipstick,but decided to go with a Barry M one instead.That was just one irritating mistake,so I went back for the Rimmel one the other day.

I usually tend to steer clear of pinky lipsticks,because they don't suit me at all.This one on the other hand was a bit darker than my natural lip colour so I knew I couldn't fail.

I love this colour and I think its going to be one of my everyday lippies.Its such a natural deep rosy colour,its really moisturising and it smells nice too.

Cost £4.49

p.s For all those that left a comment on the cup cake post,your recipes will be up tomorrow.


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