2 April 2010

Neglected Blush

Clearing out my make up area I discovered some blushes that had been well and truley neglected,If not used at all.

First up is this blush I got a while back from superdrug.Its from the number 17 range and the shade is Brickie.

To me this blush is a really deep bronze pink.In reality at first glance it looks like a bronzer.I only used this about three times.It is a really nice colour though.I think it needs to come back out,otherwise its just a waste of product and money.I clearly bought it for a reason and that reason wasnt just to gather dust.

Next, Barry M blush In Apricot.I bought this because I saw it on Hele Says(here). When it is used lightly it gives you a pretty peach flush to the cheeks.I have never gotten round to using this at all.Its been sitting in my room for the best part of 6months probably longer,which is quite disgusting.....

I will definitely have to use this after refreshing the image of peachy cheeks in my head.It might look scary but with a light hand its quite the opposite,although the above swatch was quite a heavy one lol.

Lastly my Gosh Rose Water blush.This blush is really pretty and even though its a powder, its so soft it almost feels creamy.

When I was using this,it gave my cheeks the perfect flush of colour.Im not too sure why I neglected this one.

From now on I vow to start using the things I buy,rather than just pick them up because they are pretty.

Have any of you got any products that need to be brought back to life???


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  1. I have loads or products that I need to remember to use. I have been casually doing Project 10 Pan mostly with eyeshadows because I have so many that get neglected.


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