7 April 2010

Natural Beauty Tips From Bodyform

So I recently received an email informing me that bodyform have been running a competition for the past 6 weeks,where they are giving away Stella McCartney underwear everyday.They are also asking us lovely lot to inspire them with our natural beauty tips.

A couple tips Of my own I swear by....

Never rub your wrists together after spraying perfume,it crushes the fragrance and alters the smell,so let it dry ladies
If you want to apply fake tan with no gloves rub cream or vaseline into your hands 5min before,it will act as a barrier making it easier to wash off

Heres a few favourites from the bodyform team......

1. “I swear by adding a ¼ of a cup honey to bath water, not only does it give you a fragrant bath but leaves your skin softer than any moisturiser”

2. “To brighten up, remove nail varnish stains or strengthen up my nails I just rub a quarter of a lemon on to all of my nails. It really does work!”

3. “If you are out of quick-dry spray for nails, dip your fingers into a bowl of ice-cold water. Your nails will dry quickly don’t touch the sides of bowl”

4. “If your skin is looking a bit dull separate some egg whites and use them as a face mask, leave to dry and wash off, the protein helps brighten up skin”

5. “Use camomile tea bags in the bath (new or used) for a lovely relaxing soak and soft skin”

6. “For shiny beautiful hair brunettes and redheads should add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the rinse water. lemon juice works for blondes”

7. “When shaving your legs instead of shaving foam use hair conditioner it works great is cheap and leaves you're legs really soft”

8. “If you’re worried about spots, use soluble aspirin made into a paste”

9. “When feeling bloated on your period and a bit crampy drink hot milk and sprinkle black pepper into it works a treat no more pain”

10. “Wash your hair in vodka once a month it will feel super clean”

Let me know what you think,and If you have any tips you swear by.Oh and If you wish to enter their competition,theres only six days left so get your move on.

disclaimer: “The competition is not in association with Stella McCartney”



  1. Hey Michelle :)
    These are all really good tips! I think I'll try it out. I just put up a new blog ( called Project Glam and why whole thing is I want to be more girly. I don't have any girl friends really, just guys lol. So I really need help, this week I'm asking about make up... do you think you could go check it out and leave a comment with a suggestion? Thanks I really think you and your readers could be a huge help to me!

  2. Ooooh these are some great tips :)
    Might try a few out!

  3. I want to try the vodka trick!

  4. Great post, I am definitely going to try adding honey to my bath tonight!

  5. Some of the bodyform wones I have tried before and they didn't do much for me... but the lemon juice on your nails and codnitioner instead of shaving cream are both good, and I liked ours too.

    Mine are using olive oil on my hair once a month or after a haircut. I apply it to the ends and rub into the scalp of my hair when dry then wrap in a hot towel for an hour, and shampoo off. The first shampoo it can sometimes feel a bit funny after, but after the second time you shampoo it feels lovely and soft.

  6. awww this post is soo cute and some of those tips are really helpful... still think this blog is adorable lol!
    P.S I never knew you were called michelle lol! I just assumed this blog was more anonymous..probs just me being not observant :) x

  7. Number 10 seems like such a waste of vodka :(

  8. @Britton-Lee sure il check it out.x

    @jo -hmm interesting,i wana try coconut oil,heard thats good for thickening hair as well as conditioning.x

    @Darling heart,let me know if it works

    @ona lol.x

  9. Thanks for sharing these tips! :) Check out my make up contest on if you like mineral products :)


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