21 April 2010

Make Up By Topshop Part 1

Today I attended the topshop event where they were showcasing their new line of make up.They have teamed up with make up artist Hannah Murray to create two different ranges.The limited edition trend collection,a range that will change every season with the cheapest item being £5 and the most expensive item £12.The highlighting powder in the core range is amazing, definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Theres also the core collection that will be the set range,with the cheapest item being £4 and the most expensive item being priced at £12.Both ranges looked really nice,and a few things have already caught my eye...

They even have skin tints( tinted moisturisers) that range from skin shades fair to dark.

As always I headed straight for the polish,here are three of my favourites.They also had a really nice blue shade that you can just about see in the bottom picture.I was also told that there were more shades to come,as a nail polish junkie,I cant wait.

Another thing that caught my eye were their lipsticks.

Yes there is a nude shade, excuse the rubbish swatch,in reality its a really nice colour.They also have these little jars called polish,at first I was wondering what they were,I then realised after swatching that they were in fact a highly pigmented lip paint.

Below are the cream blushes.I fell for the second one in,and yes that is my great big finger mark in it.I really liked how creamy these were,when blended the finish is natural yet dewy.
The bronzers were really nice too.These come in two shades radiance 1 and radiance 2

Im going to be honest,I wasnt expecting much from this range,but I was pleasantly surprised.The quality is really nice and I think they have a great product range.The packaging of the core range is really cute and the packaging of the limited edition range is really sleek in its gold casing which is oh so reminiscent of Ysl.Topshop have definitely put some hard work into this range,and in my eyes its paid off.

It really is value for money,and I already have a list of things I will be running out to get when it launches on MAY 5TH.

*melba cream blush
*the nude lipstick
*the three nail polishes up top
*the skin glow and the highlighter from the spring summer range.

Sorry I dont have any swatches for now,but I should be receiving some products soon,and when I do I will get them up for you.

So what do you think,will you be checking out this range when it hits stores?



  1. They look amazing ! Can't wait for them to come out !! :)


  2. unfortunately, there are no topshops in canada (yet, anyway :p). but the products look lovely!


  3. Nice post hunni. I like the photo you did of the nail polishes. OMG I cant stop thinking about that gold

  4. hmmm interesting collection. I'd love to see those creme blushes up close. Thanks!

  5. @Legseleven7 LOL neither can I,I so need that

  6. I didn't even know they were releasing a makeup range! I would love to try those nail polishes and blushes!! Thanks for the post xxx

  7. awww wow :) looks so good, cant wait to get my hands on it

  8. @lisa,i cant wait for the polish and blush either.x

  9. It looks much better than I was expecting actually. I expected the nail polishes to be in some pretty colours, but I like the look of the lippies, glosses, and lip polishes.

  10. Looks great, love the packaging, I'm a sucker for polka dots, hehe! Can't wait to try out some bits and pieces! xxx

  11. Hey its sam from yesterday! It was nice to meet you, hopefully next time we can all talk more! lol but i love ur blog here =] x

  12. I love this post! The pictures you took were amazing! Lovely meeting you hun! :) xx

  13. Am liking the look of the blushers and lipglosses! Will definitely be swatching some of those cream blushers when its released x

  14. oh i want the bronzer!! cant wait for may 5th all the blogs will go mad with reviews! woooo :) xx


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