18 April 2010

Harem Pants

The Harem,you either love them or hate them.I am an avid lover.I have 3 pairs and I want more.I need to find me a nice pair of 3/4 length ones.

Last year around these times when the sun was always out,I rocked mine on a regular basis with my gladiators and a casual tight fitting vest.I also dressed up my black pair of haremes by wearing black patent heels and a lace body underneath,not to blow my own trumpet but I must say I looked quite amazing hehe.

Heres a quick example of how you can dress them up.....

And how you can dress them down.

Some say to only wear them with tight fitting tops,but im a rebel and I break rules.I think short baggy (not cropped) vests look just as good with harems as do tight ones.


Like I said I personally love them,they near enough go with anything and they are so so so comfortable.

So what do you think ladies LOVE them or HATE them?



  1. i love them but i only wear them in a casual way. with havaianas and vests. they are so comfyyy

  2. I LOVE them! but sadly dont own a pair.. my hubby hates them! :( Boo x

  3. i love them... unfortunately, my body doesn't :p


  4. I love them on other people, not a fan on myself!!

  5. My boyfriend hates them too! I've got a pair of high waited ones that are baggy around the hips. I'm not a fan of the "I just pooed myself" style ones though - the ones with the really low crotches. I like the ones that are flowy but with the crotch in the right place, not around your knees. ^^

  6. I actually neither love or hate them! I bought some a LONG time ago & ended up taking them back as I didn't really know what to 'do' with them. There are now however a lot more people wearing them so I think I need to get some more ideas to try them properly

  7. i haven't tried wearing these before but they look so comfy to wear! i love the colours and outfit of the model on the left :) xx

  8. i am definately a hater, i have quite short legs and they make me look even shorter lol!


    Also, hareem pants are great on some, but rubbish on my short stumps! LOL x

  10. just dropping by to say i've given you a blog award :)

    also, hareem pants look great on some! just not me... lol x

  11. @moonbeamstarlight thank u so much.x

  12. Hate. They're kind of like a cross between the "hip granny" look and the "I plan on getting fat later" look. And seeing as how I'm already fat now, and not a granny... well. yeah.

    I think the only way they could possibly get worse is with stirrups. (I may or may not have spelt that wrong and I'm too lazy to care... but not to lazy to type an explination?)

    I would pair them with a sweatshirt with kittens on it and wool clogs. :3

  13. Have you try this Harem pants before. I know it isn't that so cool but it's very comfy.


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