28 April 2010

Eyeko Polish

Im back again,gosh this internet thing is a joke,but Its kind of sorted now so heres hoping I can get back to my daily updates.

So I was recently sent the new Eyeko colours.I was actually quite happy because I helped whittle down the final colours on my short stint there.

From the moment of swatching, I knew I had to have to coral and the posh polish.

The coral polish is great with a tan,and this one is not too on the orange side either.As I had been wearing my Revlon tropical temptation for a little while,I decide to go a bit neutral and go down the posh polish route.

Posh Polish is your typical Greige (grey beige for those thinking HUH!) The formula seemed nicer than previous Eyeko polishes I have tried,and 2 coats was enough for me to gain a perfect finish. It didn’t drag or streak.I will definitely be sporting some coral nails when this colour chips.

I was originally going to paint each of my fingers in one of the colours, but im lazy and I couldn’t be bothered (JOKE).I thought individual posts would be better so you could see the colours better.Polishes are £3.50 each

I was also sent some new Liners so they will be up soon.You can find the polishes HERE and the new colour liners HERE

Have any of you tried these. What do you think?

p.s If anyone decides to place an order,dont forget to use my ambassador code for a little something extra E6852.



  1. i live in canada so these aren't available but i've seen this on so many UK blogs and would love to try them! i really love that greige colour and the packaging is super cute.


  2. Lovely colour, very mature


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