6 April 2010

Craving Jewellery

Im in love with all things delicate,and Im not talking about anything thats creepy and can crawl.Im talking about delicate pieces of jewellery.Bt the only brand I have come across that seems to do cute necklaces,that sit around the collar bone area,and bracelets that I just love are Dogeared.Im still yet to get my hands on a piece,but I always manage to spend my funds on something else.Heres a couple of things that are on my wish list

Dogeared Gold Dipped Wonderful World Necklacekarma necklace, gold dipped
The price is a bit out there considering what you get,but I cant seem to find a cheaper alternative anywhere.Since I lost my old necklace,my neck just feels naked.I need something small and delicate to hang round my neck.Im also loving pieces with small coloured stones/crystals

If anyone knows of any sites where I can get something cute to accompany my neck,please please let me know.The hunt is venturing beyond a joke : (

Someone please make this search end...



  1. oh the karma one is beautiful. simplicity is a good thing sometimes. sorry i cant help you out with alternatives


    delicate, fun, and easy on the bank account.



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