16 April 2010

Boots Botanics

Girls I am BACK!!!! I cant believe I was forced to leave my poor blog for so so long.First my internet stopped working then the power supply on my pc decided to blow up.I just got it sorted today and the net has just decided to work again.In future If I disappear and you dont see your comments pop up,Its most probably something to do with my blasted internet connection.So glad I can finally blog again, withdrawal symptoms were starting to kick in.

So anyway I could still tweet through my phone thank god,and some of you may have seen me moaning about my skin.Something Iv used or come into contact with has disagreed with my skin.Some parts are ever so dry and I know there's something wrong because my skin has never been like this before,ever.

I was going to get some vitamin E oil,but then I started thinking,what did I used to use before that was great on my skin and never failed me.And the answer was the boots botanics skin brightening toner and cleanser.My skin was amazing when I was using this stuff and the only reason I didn't re purchase it was because I whenever I would go to my boots there were never any left.

But today I got the last laugh because it was 3 for 2 so I picked up the last bottle of cleanser and the last two bottles of Toner "SCORE"

The cleanser contains sweet maple,biliberry and sweet cane all these ingredients contain natural AHA's to brighten and renew the skins surface.The texture of the cleanser is that of a light moisturiser.I find that my skin is left really soft after using it.

Next up the skin brightening toner which contains Equisetum,an ancient plant that was used for its purifying properties,it tones the skin and refines pores.

Both of these products are going back on the bathroom shelf where they belong.I should have never removed them.when I was using these in the past I did see a noticeable difference in my skins appearance.Cant wait to start my regime again.

Available from Boots rrp £3.99 but at the moment it is 3 for 2 on all skincare

Have any of you guys used anything from the botanics range?

Hope you all missed me and my next post should be up tomorrow.xx



  1. I love that toner, it smells so fresh without being sickly and citrus-y.

    Haven't tried the toner though.

  2. Welcome back! I'm yet to try out the Boots Botanical range, I guess because I'd never read a review and didn't know what to expect. I'd quite like to try them now. xXx

  3. Yay 3 for 2's back on. Love the eye make up remover, and the rose toner.

  4. @Rosie do you realise what u just wrote haha

    @onyx you should they are really nice

    @VexintheCity I was looking at the eye make up remover as well,Il have to go back!!!

  5. i am currently using one of their showergels and it leaves my skin really soft, but it makes my skin tingle a little bit while using it lol it's weird. must be me though...

  6. Ooh I may have to try those, I;m fast running out of toner and could definitely use some new products. Thank you!

  7. ofcourse we missed you lol!!! i want to try these but they may be too moisturising for me since my skin has suddenly become acne prone

  8. glad your back! I like the sound of the ingedients. Boots have such great deals on. my local boots is tiny but I'll keep my eye out for those x

  9. Great to have you back!!!
    Hope the moving is going well!
    BTW I have nominated you for Happy 101 award!
    Have a lovely day xoxo

  10. Hey! Glad to see you back :)
    BTW I this your blog is fabulous and have nominated you for Happy 101 Award. Check it out
    I hope you have a lovely day

  11. @Dutchess Roz

    Thank you for the award

  12. Hey welcome back :) What is a toner used for?

  13. @Britton Lee,thanks : )

    About toners,there just an extra to remove any last trace of make up/dirt or excess oil the cleanser may not have picked up.Some say they are not really necessary,but I like the fresh feeling it gives my face


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