28 April 2010

Body Shop- A God Send

I used to lightly exfoliate my face with exfoliating gloves.Frankly it was annoying because I had make sure I didn't apply too much pressure so not to scratch my face.A few blog reads later,and my problem was solved.

Enter body shop facial buffer.......

A little while back I was reading Holly's (yummy mummy) blogpost on this magical £3 item she had picked up from the body shop.It was about time I stopped playing roulette with my face,and stepped away from the exfoliating gloves.

Finally last week I had the chance to pick the buffer up.Words fail me as to how amazing this little thing is.If you want soft, smooth,silky skin just head down to your local body shop tomorrow and pick one of these up.From first use I had super soft skin.

The lady in the shop also gave me a sample of the seaweed facial scrub which I used with the buffer.I told her that she would probably see me again in a week,and oh how she is.The seaweed scrub is really nice and its one of those scrubs you can feel working.It also smells scrumptious.

Now armed with a £3 off voucher the lady kindly attached to my purchase,I have an even better intensive to get myself back down there.

Has anyone else tried either of these.Whats your wonder product?



  1. i haven't tried much from the body shop skin care (face) This does sound nice x

  2. I could totally use one of those! My wonder product for my face is mineral powder, I just prefer using it to a foundation.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  3. oOoh my body shop list is slowly but surely expanding. ;)

  4. This product seems very interesting. Thank you for sharing! :) x

  5. i haven't tried this yet, but i read about it on holly's blog too and was intrigued. right now i'm using an eco tools face buffer (it's like a loofah for the face) and i have noticed a difference but i wonder if this would work better? thanks for sharing!


  6. so glad you like it, i love it !!x

  7. Ouch! Exfoliating gloves on your FACE?!! You nutter! I use a facial brush. It needs replacing soon though so I'll try one one these, just to see how it compares.

  8. I haven't tried them but I'd love to try both. They sound lovely! x

  9. I have this and absolutely love it! :) I use it about 3 times a week, but its gentle enough to use every day :) im in love with it!

  10. I have just been and bought one - thanks for the review will do a post once I have used mine :)

  11. Wow sounds like a miracle! I will be making a trip to mine soon :)


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