11 April 2010

Big Sexy Hair

I love this stuff.A lot of mousse products that claim to give the famous big hair fail me,and with my type of hair I now just tend to steer way clear.

This was sent to me as an extra when with my ego tongs to help me create the big hair that I was craving.At first I was like oh crap its mousse.But decided to give it a go anyway.

The product itself is the consistence of a light foam when sprayed further away,and the cone looking thing that surrounds the nozzle helps distribute it evenly.

The first time I used his was a big F.A.I.L. I sprayed way too much and as the week went on I began to feel some obvious product build up in my crown area.

So the second time round I was ready to get it right.I sprayed it from a distance and kind of rubbed it in.

It worked,woo hoo,I had big hair which I really need to take some pictures of.The good thing was that it lasted a few days with out me having to add any more product.I just had to kind of poof it up with my fingers.

As I have already said,the only downfall for my hair type was spraying to much by mistake.I did have to wash my hair a lot sooner than I actually needed too.That for me is a process of its own,So not making that same mistake again was crucial lol.

The sexy hair range s from the US but it is indeed filtering its way to the UK.Im pretty sure that you can pick certain products up in TK Maxx but Its also available here and you can browse the range here

I think I might try curly sexy hair and silky sexy hair next

Have any of you tried anything from this range,what do you think?

p.s even though I was sent this product,all my opinions are honest,I would never try and fool my readers and frankly If I didn't like it I wouldn't even have a slot on my blog



  1. I tried that before, and I agree it is kind of heavy if you put too much on.
    Could you or your suscribers give me a couple of tips?

  2. We got a set with shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment, hairspray and hair cream from TJMaxx and I never got to try the shampoo (yobo finished it) but I'm using the hair treatment and it's great <3 The best so far and I've used a lot of Japanese ones like Shiseido's. I was thinking about doing a review on the products on my own blog:

  3. I saw this in Supadrug yesterday! I considered it then trailed off to boots for my usual creme haha ;)

    I might try it though, its nice to see someone had a good experience with something before I try it myself ;) thanks!

    Eliza x

  4. I have been wanting to try this brand as I saw an american guro rave about it on a YT video. glad that its filtering its way across the atlantic and another good report on it. thanks for the review x

  5. Ooo you should do a hairstyle with this in :) I would like to see how well it works and all, or what difference it makes :)


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