20 April 2010

Ardell Fashion Lashes

When it comes to false lashes I always manage to look a tad draggish.(hands up if your with me)
I was sent these to try out,and I have done nothing with them as yet apart from have a little play around.

I had a bit of a play with the Demi Pixies.They look really nice on but from the side its rather obvious that those lashes are not mine.I really like the look of the Demi's,but I think the length is a bit to long for me.In saying that,I haven't actually applied them properly yet,and blended them with mascara (slaps wrist) Which I really need to do.I think the demi ones would look great with a full on smokey eye.

I haven't tried the fairies yet,but im planning to at the weekend.

Its not good enough to just sit in my room sticking them to my lids really,is it.

These lashes are 100% human hair and are priced at £3.56 they also come with a tube of adhesive.You can find the lashes HERE. Have any of you tried these lashes before?


Can any of you give me any tips on the best way to make false lashes look more natural,obviously its kind of defeating the point of them being false,but Id rather a shorter fuller lash,than really full long ones.

I was thinking of trimming the that a bad idea?



  1. I love Ardell lashes and think they are really good value and if you look after them last for a couple of months.
    I wouldn't trim the length as I think they would look very weird! I just do my mascara as normal then put them on and mine blend in but still look nice and full. I wear the Ardell Demi Wispies on a daily basis or the Girls Aloud Nicola ones x

  2. I need to check those Nicola ones out,so many people rate them.Thanks.x

  3. I don't think you should trim the length as it would ruin the shape of the lashes.

    I always use Mac ones, they're my favourites. I've not tried Ardell lashes - the fact they're human hair for £3.56 creeps me out a bit! I tried the Girls Aloud Cheryl lashes and hated them, they were really OTT, plasticky and fake-looking.

  4. The demi pixie ones look so cute. I've not tried the girls aloud Nicola ones but I have tried out the Kimberly ones and they looked quite natural on me once blended in with mascara. I so know what you mean about ending up looking like a man in drag, I think the only way to avoid this is to buy the less exciting shorter types. You should be fine trimming the length a bit as long as you use really sharp scissors, I completely wrecked a pair of Mac ones once using rubbish ones :S

  5. i had the demi pixies
    i'll message you on twitter a pic of me wearing them

  6. oh yeh and i did cut them a bit on the inside part cos they were too big otherwise but i never tried trimming the lenght, i know i would ruin them cos i'm sort of clumsy when it comes to these things but you could always try?

  7. I love Ardell lashes, they're all I'll use.

    I wouldn't trim the length... after you apply them, curl them together with your normal lashes and apply mascara so they're well blended in. You could also try cutting them in half and just having the fake lashes at the end of your eye, but cutting the length would ruin the fine tips and they'd just be blunt looking and weird (in my opinion!)

    Leah xx

  8. i love ardell lashes the best low priced lashes eyelure ones i have never liked so when i found out about the ardell ones i had to buy every pair the demi wispies ones are my fav. i didnt cut the lenght i hate doing it. it ruins them thats one reason why i dont like eyelure cause you have to chop them down. i apply mascara after putting them on in my opinion they blend easier.

  9. i only use falsies for performances so i have no tips for making it look natural :p

    but i found the mac 2 lash ( to be the most natural looking of all the ones i've tried. you could also try individual or half lashes?


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  11. Ah yes, Ardell lashes! These lashes are amazing - a lot better than many false lashes you can buy from the high street stores in the UK (Boots, Superdrug, etc). The problem is though Ardell lashes are pretty expensive over here, so if you know anyone going to the USA, ask them nicely to bring you some back, they're so cheap there!


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