8 March 2010

Rimmel Match Perfection

So whilst strolling around tesco on my weekly shop,I decided to hit up the make up isle,as you do.
I wanted to buy a new foundation as I just wasnt feeling my dream satin liquid anymore.I have to be careful when it comes to putting things on my face.At times my skin just doesnt appreciate me experimenting with new products.For example,revlon colour stay,used it once,next day I was greeted by a lovely group of bumps on my cheek.So not cool.

So anyway,one of the first foundations I ever bought was rimmel recover.I loved it,and my skin seemed to love it too.So I thought I would go back to rimmel as they had just bought out a new foundation

I liked this instantly because it had a pump.I really cant be dealing with an open top bottle,Its just a waste of product.

So I could only see 4 shades on Tesco's shelves,but after swatching away for a good ten minutes,then umming and arring and walking around the store looking at my flawless hand.I just had to go back and pick up a bottle.The shade I picked up was 201 classic beige..

When I first used it ,I was like damn,I think its too light.But after blending it out,the colour match technology kicked in.For the whole day I kept looking at my face in the mirror.It was flawless just like rimmel had promised

Its easy to blend,and there's no racing against the clock before it dries....The finish is a natural healthy dewy(but not to dewy) look

They also say it will last something like 16hrs.On my skin I found that It does last,unless I happen to nap lol,then it needs touching up

This foundation also has an oxygen complex to allow skin to breath,as well as the added bonus of spf 15,which saves me from putting on a separate cream

This is definitely my new love and Im going to be sticking with this for a while

For once my beauty senses never failed me,woo hooo



  1. I've steered away from rimmel foundations after trying the renew and lift one and hating it, but youve got me intrigued!! xx

  2. Ooh I'm intrigued by this, it looks & sounds really good! xo

  3. I really want to try this after seeing it in a mag last week, Im really intrigued :) Ive never tried Rimmel foundation lol so it will be a first hope it works for me :)

  4. awww sounds like a nice product!
    dewy finish,last long,SPF!
    awww revlon brekas u out?does this break u out?hehe
    but my skin is wayyyy to sensitive,almost anything breaks me out!:(

  5. I love the name of your blog! I never wear liquid foundation, but I am really looking to get some for going out. I hate to spend a lot on department store brands, so I will have to try this.

  6. I've never tried a rimmel foundation before but this looks great! Great to hear that it's easy to blend. btw sweetie loving the new header on your site! x x

  7. @vanilla.Im sterring clear of revlon,this dsnt break me out.x

    @Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY!
    Haha thanks.x

    This is def my new love,and thanks about the header,I feel happy with it no.x

  8. I love reading foundation reviews because I'm always on the lookout for my next one. :)

  9. wow i really want to try it now i've seen it on you. i'd seen the ad's for it and thought how can the shade adjust to your skin tone but clearly it does :)

  10. How's the smell?
    I just noticed this foundation in a dm store, earlier, today and it had no price and no testers 8-} The coverage? I suppose u don't need much of that...but it's important for most of us :D
    Nice blog ;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. @Alex Its smells nice,Its a light to medium foundation,but you can easily build it with out looking cakey.x

  12. I've never tried Rimmel foundation, but love the eyeshadows and liners. I find the lipsticks don't last long, but I wear them because I like how they're not nasty or tacky feeling. Maybe I'll check out the foundation now ... I don't usually wear any foundation. And if anyone wants to keep their skin fresh, avoid all powders. Big mistake.

  13. this is my first foundation and I'm worried about using it and going to college looking like an idiot. Could you let me now how it makes you look. Does it make your skin look bumpy or does it leave your skin with an even surface?

  14. @,jijjyjade Im not sure what you mean when you say bumby?? Unless you meant is the coverage even? either way if your worried about a foundation just try it out when your at home one day in natural light.


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