13 March 2010

Nails For The week And A Swatch

Just thought I would share my nails with you today.Its models own Nude Beige.Easy to apply,two coats and I'm done. I'm really loving models own nail colours at the moment.Think I may be painting my nails peach or coral next.

I also thought I would include a swatch of the models own Red n Black polish.Which is black with a red undertone.The only way I found I could pick up the red colour was if I painted it on white paper and took the picture under bright light.Its picked up the undertone,but that still isn't what it looks like on the nails.Its so hard to capture the niceness of this polish.But I do advise you buy it if you ever place an order on the models own site.It looks so nice on.

I think im going to order Beths Blue and Blue Gem next so I need one more colour to add to that order

Have you got any colours from them you would recommend??

You can check models own HERE



  1. I never leave home without all my nails being painted. Including my feet. I LOVE nail polish. OPI has this peru-a-ruby color that I always get compliments on. :)

  2. oh my GOD that's a gorgeous color! i love itttt <3 :)

  3. That nude color looks gorgeous!

  4. Those colours are just beautiful :) x

  5. I love the nude colour on the nails simply fabulous!

    From Dolly

  6. I love that colour! I placed a biggish order with them when they had the offer on and I need to get more, I really like them! xx


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