31 March 2010

Mint Or Minted

The other day I picked up revlon minted in superdrug(2 for £8 at the mo ladies) as I had been tweeting about it and wondering if it was more flattering than the Barry M Mint.Now I bought Barry M mint the day it came out along with the other colours,and since that day it has only touched my nails once.Something about the green wasnt flattering against my skin tone at all.

So like I said I picked up minted,and all I can say is that its love

This shade is much more flattering in my opinion.Its such a nice milky pastel mint.I applied it on Saturday,and I haven't been greeted by Mr chip yet,which is good for me with all the household work my hands do.Two coats and I was ready to go,and I also found that it dried rather quick too.

I also picked up tropical temptation after lusting after it for so long,but thats a whole new story.I just know that colour is going to be love also.

Back to the subject in hand,I am definitely a Minted girl........

Are you Mint or Minted?



  1. I haven't tried Minted but I bought Mint a few weeks ago and I love it! x

  2. Both are gorgeous! I want to try them but thus far am too lazy. I think I might be mint!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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  3. I have both and prefer minted, it's much more flattering with my skin tone :) xxx

  4. i find revlon nail polishes to be one of the best (in terms of drugstore buys). i put on cover girl nail polish the other day and it chipped after washed dishes the 1st time. not fun!

  5. Try revlon 031 lilac pastelle...its gorgeous <3 my new love xx

  6. minted looks really gorgeous! Dont think I am brave enough yet to have green nails! Peace x

  7. I'm not much for green, so I would prefer minted in terms of color. But for my skintone I have a feeling that neither would match...

  8. Ooooo, I want to try minted! But I'm not too sure if it would look good on me or not. I can only hope. :\ :]

  9. I love both of these colours and want to go buy them now lol!! I just found your blog and I love it...followed straight away <3

  10. @Onna buy them buy them LOL,thanks so much for following.xx


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